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Gayming Awards 2022: LGBTQ Streamer of the Year

If you’re looking for an award show that’s queer and entertaining, then you’ll want to know more about the Gayming Awards – the first and only global award ceremony celebrating LGBTQ+ video games and the people behind them. With this award show we’ll show off many incredible categories, including Gayming Awards 2022: LGBTQ Streamer of the Year, sponsored by Twitch.

Streaming is one of the great new entertainment frontiers and LGBTQ streamers play a huge part in bringing together communities of like-minded people. This award is for the most popular LGBTQ streamer, as chosen by the watching public.

This category is proudly sponsored by Twitch, a US-based streaming platform that also has the honour of sponsoring our LGBTQ Streamer Rising Star category. Talk about lush!

You can find out more about the show – and how to attend – here. In the meantime, let’s look at the amazing streamers that have been nominated for this category, and what their audience had to say about them!


“Aimsey this year has been amazing. She has shot up in views and followers on all platforms, even popping up on TikTok. Seeing young, bisexual representation has been really cool, and her content even more so cool. She properly deserves this!”

“They are always supportive and open to answering questions about anything, they make amazing content and are super wholesome! They are always super cheerful and stream a massive variety of games and are always super-inclusive about everyone.”

“Aimsey is a bisexual variety streamer who uses all pronouns and also has ADHD. They are super inclusive and accepting! She makes amazing content that I always enjoy watching and makes me so happy even when I have had a bad day. He also acts as a ‘parent’/’big sibling’ friend which shows how caring they are!”


“BlizzB3ar is a wholesome and welcoming community leader. He has always been down to have the best and hard conversations, protecting boundaries for himself and us, as well as making sure every queer and POC person in his chat has the space to feel safe while having fun.”

“Blizzard is just the best, he makes you feel amazing. Has the best vibes to offer, he makes you feel like you are in a warm good place where you’re safe to be yourself or if you’re finding yourself. Just an all-round good person.”

“Blizz has fostered a really incredible community on Twitch and Discord and is proud to be aggressively bisexual. They are super deserving to be the best LGBTQ streamer in 2022.


“CB has always been authentically themself. Recently, they’ve discovered more about their identity and has openly gone on this journey with their followers. They continue to use their channel and platform to inspire all those around them.”

“CB is a vocal champion of the LGBTQ streamer community, and expresses so much care and compassion while holding a multitude of experiences and expressions. Beyond being an incredible cosplay artist, gamer, charity coordinator, they are also a star in the TTRPG community, and continue to create LGBTQ characters that shine brighter than the sun.”

“Always entertaining, always vocal, and always standing up for themself and their community, CB is a creator who deserves celebration and consideration.”


Eevoh is a really fun streamer. Super nice to their community, always accepting of everyone. They provide a safe place for LGBT people from all walks of life, a thriving community and every stream is enjoyable!”

“Never have I seen a funnier, more creative, or open LGBTQ streamer than Eevoh. No matter how boring a game, or how bad a match in DBD is, Eevoh always manages to make it hilarious and worth the watch. They’ve fostered a genuinely open-minded and welcoming community – we have people from all over the world: Portugal, Poland, South Africa, US or Japan to name a few. We might not be the biggest community on Twitch, but there’s no place for prejudice, hate, or homophobia here.”

“The funniest, realest queen on Twitch. A true star, Eevoh deserves this award simply for being unapologetically himself at all times, treating everyone with love and respect, and giving people a reason to laugh and smile every week. Razor-sharp wits and a fantastic sense of humor, I can’t think of a single person funnier than Eevoh. Truly just a light in the dark.”


Eret is one of the best LGBTQ+ streamers out there. They are openly bisexual, go against gender roles and use all pronouns. He has helped many people, especially LGBTQ+ youth like myself. The way he talks can make you feel confident about yourself like she’s talking to you personally and not to 50,000 others. They give brilliant advice and their streams are always entertaining. Eret used all his donations once to pay for her friend Scott’s medical treatment and is always giving to his Twitch community. As a very small streamer myself they give me confidence that i can grow and be like her. They are an inspiration to so many. He is influential and incredibly important to the gaming world and the LGBTQ+ community that follows him.”

“They were the first big public figure I was exposed to that uses any pronouns, and that helped me to understand my own gender better. They have just generally made me feel a lot more comfortable with being non-binary and completely ignoring gender roles.”

“I feel Eret is an amazing LGBTQIA+ streamer who makes so many people feel comfortable with his content and humour. They are one of my favourite streamers and have an amazing personality. She also brings attention to the LGBTQIA+ community and is an amazing bi-con <3”


“Nihachu should be considered as ‘the best LGBTQ streamer in 2021’ because she provides entertaining and relaxing content. I enjoy watching her whenever I feel down as her content always brings a smile to my face.”

“Nihachu is a role model to say the least. Coming from someone who has been there since the start, Nihachu deserves everything she has achieved. She is a sweet, helpful person and always makes her chat and all of her friends feel welcome on stream. I think she is definitely the best lgbtq+ streamer because she has always been there to comfort people in chat and her friends when they need someone to talk to! Her streams are always entertaining and make me laugh which is what every streamer wants!”

“I think Nihachu should be considered to be ‘the best LGBTQ streamer in 2021’ because, I’ve grown up in a homophobic and transphobic family all my life, and whenever my family says nasty or horrible comments about me and my sexuality, I lock myself in my room and the first thing that comes to mine when I think of happiness is watching Nihachu’s streams.”


“Ben is an amazing black queer content creator with a big heart and a cheerful personality. He uses his platform to speak on important issues affecting fellow marginalised creators and educates his community where a lot of others shy away, which almost certainly brings about change in the streamer space.”

“Ben is a fun, kind, inclusive, variety streamer. He has created an incredibly inclusive, kind, welcoming community on twitch. He welcomes all people and is a fantastic advocate and supporter of the LGBTQIA+ community.

“ReadySetBen is a wholesome queer content creator that makes his audience feel not only empowered but seen. He fosters an environment of no judgment, where you can be loud and queer. Ben is the gaymer you wish you knew when you were younger.”


“They stood up for all Twitch streamers during the horrendous hate raids, and have formed a safe community for LGBTQ+ and POC, as well as having an awesome gothic twitch account. Despite struggling with all sorts of difficulties they still do their best on streams. They are also non-binary and an extremely active advocate of LGBTQ rights and participate in activism.”

“RekItRaven has used their platform to bring hope to so many people, and also was able to bring directly to Twitch’s attention the hate raids that were and are targeting marginalized communities, specifically Black trans women. She continues to do the work and uses every platform available to advocate for change and hope.”

RekItRaven has highlighted a huge problem with Twitch when it comes to how easily it can be to abuse anyone with hate raids. Nothing was more powerful when RekItRaven rose up and started the #TwitchDoBetter campaign to highlight the problem when anti-LGBTQ and racists decided to hate raid a load of minority streamers. Her voice and professionalism has been incredible during a very difficult time for her on a personal level. She’s an inspiration.”

Sammy M Jay

Sammy is a SUPER kind streamer. He has the coziest chill vibes despite playing ruthless games like Dead by Daylight. He is always coming up with creative ways to engage with his community, and invents challenges for himself within the games he plays. Sammy is an incredibly talented body painter and cosplayer who puts in tons of time and energy to emulate characters, creatures, and his own inventions on a weekly basis. Sammy is a great representative of what LGBTQIA+ creators on Twitch can strive for in terms of community building, engagement, and content that has a strong theme but a great range.

“Sammy is a wonderful queer streamer who has worked hard to cultivate a safe and diverse community for everyone. His streams are not only a delight to watch, they’re also incredibly educational. In addition to being a phenomenal gaymer, Sammy is arguably the best cosplayer on Twitch. He’s constantly raising the bar every Wednesday as he comes up with unique and creative cosplay ideas for his fans to enjoy. I can’t think of a more deserving LGBTQ streamer for this award. Please give him serious consideration; you won’t regret it!”

Sammy is incredibly wholesome, genuine, funny, entertaining, artistic, welcoming, and caring. He’s authentic with his audience every single day, and is someone who I have started to watch almost 40 hours a week. An absolute joy to be around, and just a hoot and a half to watch.”

Shaaba and Jamie

“I have nominated Shaaba and Jamie because they have cultivated the most welcoming and kind online community that I’ve ever been a part of. Their streams are a beautiful, wholesome pocket of the internet, and no matter how badly I’m doing, they make me feel safe.”

“They both help the community tremendously by both providing information and answering questions people have and creating a very inclusive and safe space.”

“Shaaba and Jamie are both members of the LGBTQ+ community, where Shaaba is bisexual and Jamie is transgender. They both stream together, and have separate Youtube channels. They’ve helped so, so many people get to know their own identities through their streams and videos, and are the absolute loveliest people out there. They truly deserve the nomination! They’ve helped me through so so much and I couldn’t recommend them higher if you need a comfy space!”


“Shawn is not afraid to talk with his viewers in regards to all things LGBTQ+, coming out or just talking about different situations. He makes a comfortable chat for everyone. He’s pretty passionate about his stream being a safe place.”

“Shawn has worked to create a safe and supportive community where viewers aren’t only comfortable asking about the game he is playing, but sharing aspects of themselves to get advice they can use in their lives.”

“Shawn is one of the hardest working kindest streamers I’ve met in this space. He’s inclusive, welcoming. has a big heart and puts out fantastic content. He is humble and wants to work hard to achieve his goals. I think he would be a fantastic nominee for LGBTQ streamer of the year.”


“Toph is a warm and kind streamer who is very interactive with his audience and provides a wonderful, safe, and welcoming community. He is a positive presence in so many of our lives, giving us a place to belong.”

“Toph, a gay streamer, has created a very welcoming Community where people are not scared to talk about their problems, wishes or insecurities. Topics around LGBTQ are often discussed. Plus he is just a lovely human being who gives it all to support his community with his funny and charming streams.”

“Toph streams 5-7 hours most days and somehow there’s not a dull moment within his streams. I’ve been following him for over a year now and it would mean the world to him and us as his community for him to win LGBTQ Streamer of the Year!”


The Gayming Awards are proudly sponsored by… 


The Gayming Awards are proudly supported by… 

Bandai Namco – a Japanese multinational video game publisher

Green Man Gaming – a British-based online video game retailer, distributor and publisher

Space Ape Games – mobile games maker

Ukie – the UK’s games and interactive entertainment industry trade body

game – the German Games Industry Association

Out Making Games – the UK games industry’s LGBTQ representation group

Games London – the agency promoting London as a hub of games making

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