Saturday, April 13, 2024

Songs of Glimmerwick to include same-sex relationships

Songs of Glimmerwick, a story-driven RPG set in a school of witchcraft that uses magic to cast spells, will include same-sex relationships and an inclusive character creator.

Songs of Glimmerwick offers players a chance to become immersed in a musical woodland fantasy world where conjuring a spell is as easy as breaking into song. Players will attend classes, grow herbs and flowers in the university garden, explore the island they’ve come to know as their new home, and make friends with their classmates and the townsfolk.

As reported by Eurogamer, Songs of Glimmerwick players will be able to “create their own character who won’t be defined by gender”, allowing customisation options to be accessible to anyone and not locked by gender. To put it frankly: you can wear whatever you want. Nice!

The downside however is that, due to the game being translated in multiple other languages around the world, there will be some languages that do not come with gender-neutral options. Eurogamer reports that in order to circumvent this, the team at Eastshade Studios will be “exploring options to ensure the game is as open as possible for players across the world.”

Not only will Songs of Glimmerwick feature an inclusive character creator, the game will also feature same-sex relationships. However, for fans who are looking forward to getting in on the action, it should be noted that there will not be any player romance – just relationships that you’ll come across during your time with the magic RPG.

The magical school RPG will also feature full voice acting, a range of extra-curriculum activities such as forest expeditions and moth racing.

You can check out the official Songs of Glimmerwick trailer below.

Currently, Songs of Glimmerwick does not have an official release date, barring a prediction of Q3 2023.

Aimee Hart

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