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MAGLAM LORD bursts onto the scene in February 2022

MAGLAM LORD, an action JRPG from Gifu developer Felistella, is set to release on February 4th this year – bringing a surprisingly diverse and queer concept alongside it.

In this action JRPG, players will take on the role of the Demonic Lord, a protagonist who the player can choose to be either male or female. As you may have guessed from that hefty title, you’ve been up to no good for centuries, but now – after your fellow demon lords teamed up with a group of other gods to take you down – you’ve been forced into a deep slumber in order to recover from the assault.

In order to regain your strength – as well as save your species from total extinction – you’ll have search for a potential partner that you’re looking to make Mr/Ms/Mx Demon Lord. Funnily enough, it doesn’t matter if you choose to play as male or female, as your love interests will be down to clown regardless of your gender. Of course, that doesn’t mean you just have to say the right things in order to find your true love, you’ll truly have to woo the love of your life to show them how appealing you are.

To ‘woo’ these characters, players will need to take them on dates and make sure they have a good time. The benefits for having a successful date will mean an increase in your relationship with said character, as well as grant you the chance to wield their power into battle. It also just gives you a fair bit of help in regaining your own power too, which is always a nice perk for a Demon Lord to have.

Players will know they’ve succeeded at a date through the affinity system that the Demon Lord has with their companions. For example, if a companion doesn’t like a location they may lose affinity points and vice versa if they do like a location – so be aware of their likes and dislikes before taking them out on dates.

You’re able to play as either male or female in MAGLAM LORD

If the option of going on dates and nurturing a relationship as a demon doesn’t pique your interest – and to be honest, we’re a little unsure on why it wouldn’t – then there are other things to do, such as engaging in combat, exploring the world, and crafting weapons and armour. You never know when you’re going to run into enemies!

And if you’re just looking to make friends, because even an evil, demonic entity needs some friends to hang out with in case they get lonely, then you can always just befriend people too.

MAGLAM LORD releases on PC and Nintendo Switch on February 4th, 2022.

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