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Can you be gay in Skyrim?

It may be 10 years since The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim was first released by Bethesda, but fans of the high-fantasy game still haven’t lost their love for the game. After all, Skyrim not only opened up a new world for players, but it offered gay fans to experience romance options in a time where video games weren’t as open as they are now about including them.

With that in mind, the question of ‘can you be gay in Skyrim?’ seems like it’s already been answered. Yes, yes you can be very gay in Skyrim. Well, if you call becoming a vampire and romancing a werewolf and you’re both girls pretty gay, then yes, it’s off the charts.

But there’s more to Skyrim and homosexuality than just a tick of the box of ‘yes’. And it all comes down to what, being gay as a player means and how that’s reflected in gameplay. So, without further ado…

Can you be gay in Skyrim?

You can, but being gay in Skyrim isn’t the same thing as being gay in, say, Dragon Age: Inquisition.

For one, nobody acknowledges that you’re in a same-sex relationship in the first place, despite the series having numerous amount of deities, as well as demonic princes and princesses. Instead, the protagonist is able to romance NPC’s regardless of their gender with very little to no difference conveyed throughout the romance and the eventual path to marriage.

That said, the lore surrounding same-sex marriage has been established outside of Skyrim through The Loremaster’s Archive, an official material written by the Loremaster behind The Elder Scrolls Online, Lawrence Schick. For example, in Loremaster’s Archive: Rituals of the Divines, it is established that the Goddess of Love, Mara, has a positive perspective of same-sex relationships and marriage. No wonder she’s cool with you marrying a big lizard.

Still, gameplay and story-wise, nothing is effected by you being a big, gay ol’ Dragonborn. So go pick out your next husband/wife and get busy!

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