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According to EA, NFTs and blockchain games are “the future of our industry”

NFTs have quickly become a ‘marvel’ that has spread throughout industry after industry, from McDonalds to Saw, and according to a recent company earnings call, it looks as though EA (via TheGamer) feel the non-fungible tokens that are actively wasting away at the planet we live on is, in fact, “the future of our industry.”

For those who aren’t even aware what an NFT is, let us break it down real quick. Firstly, it stands for non-fungible token, and are pretty much ‘digital assets’ that are apparently worth money because they are connected to a ‘blockchain’. If that doesn’t make sense, just imagine an image PNG or a GIF or JPEG. One of those things that you can right-click on and save to your hard drive, no questions asked? Well, that has monetary value now.

What makes these NFTs seemingly valuable though is because with each ‘sell’ the person buying is its given a unique value that makes the buyer the official owner. Even if a person was to see that NFT and just copy it and save it for themself. They wouldn’t be the actual owner, they don’t have the same blockchain as the one who purchased, but they can basically still own it. It’s… very silly and if we’re being honest, explaining it makes our heads hurt. So, go read Prima Games article on it instead.

As for EA’s company earnings call, CEO Andrew Wilson stated that “in the context of the games we create and the live services that we offer, collectible digital content is going to play a meaningful part in our future.”

Considering EA is one of the richest video game companies in the world and that it doesn’t need any help on that front, making NFTs sound like the next step for video games feels a little odd. But then again, it isn’t the first video games company – or studio – to talk about NFTs and their implementation into the gaming world.

Taking into account that an NFT transaction “significantly increases global energy consumption”, we have to wonder: do video games need NFTs in order to instill a sense of ownership and pride into gamers, or could there be something, anything, else to do just that?

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