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Super Smash Bros Ultimate reveals last fighter: Sora from Kingdom Hearts

Super Smash Bros Ultimate has been a game that’s enraptured gamers since it was first released on the Nintendo Switch, and as heated as discussions have been about which characters have been added to the beat-em-up brawler, we’re going to be sad to see no more fighter news for this game in the future. But let’s be real, could Super Smash Bros Ultimate ever beat the reveal of its last fighter, Sora from Kingdom Hearts.

Alongside Sora, a new stage from the series called Hollow Bastion has also been added. You’ll be able to see familiar characters from the Kingdom Hearts series, such as Riku, Aqua, Xion, Ventus, and more.

Mii Fighter costumes were also added. These characters are: Octoling (Wig) from and Judd (Hat) from Splatoon, and Doom Slayer (Gunner) from Doom. Alright, we didn’t expect to see the last one, but now we can finally have a game where Doom Slayer and Isabelle from Animal Crossing are together. With that news, we can sleep well tonight.

Speaking as Aimee Hart, I personally bought the game because I could play as Byleth, a protagonist who has the personality of a walnut, but someone who I love dearly. That goes fro playing them in Smash too, though I can’t say my friends are all too happy whenever I play as them… Let’s just hope Kingdom Hearts fans get the same reception when they get to play as Sora!

Regardless, it’s exciting that fans of Kingdom Hearts will get the chance to play as one of their favourite characters in Super Smash Bros Ultimate when Sora releases on October 19th, 2021.

How excited are you to have Sora join the big leagues? Let us know in the comments below!

You can watch the reveal below, as well as here, via YouTube.

Aimee Hart

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