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Queer fantasy and mystery novel Judas Complex arrives in 2022

The Judas Complex is a queer fantasy and mystery graphic novel from Son M (ANIMALHEADS, Thief of the Heights) with art by Dri Gomez and letters by Toben Racicot. It is a story that combines crime with fantastical mystery and horror, and will arrive in mid-2022.

Let’s set the scene: it’s 1990 and people are sitting down at a football game, waiting for their favourite team The Red Wolves to come on and win the match. When they do come on, they instead tear into the competition – literally. Innocent bystanders, the opposite team… It doesn’t matter. Nobody survives.

Except for one player: Desmond Wilson.

A few years later and Desmond, who is still traumatized by what happened that fateful night, finds himself working as a temp for a private investigator named Constantine. However, Constantine is a little strange, a little…different. For one thing, he refuses to go out in the daytime, always drinks out of a canister and he never makes eye contact. But we all have our little quirks, now don’t we?

One thing that has caught Desmond’s attention lately though is that people are going missing and torn up bodies have started to appear. It’s the same pattern that happened all those years ago, on the night Desmond tries so hard to forget.

But this time he has Constantine on his side. It’s possible they could stop what’s happening for good and get justice.

Judas Complex is a love letter to the campy horror we all grew up with, which were already pretty queer-coded. We’re just making it explicit, as well as having fun in a terribly monstrous and violent way.” Son M, writer behind this camptastic graphic novel tells Gayming Magazine. “As folks who grew up with young adults stumbling in and out of horror scenes, we wanted tackle our favorite trope: the final girl returns to learn the truth. Only our final girl happens to be an ex-jock football player with a terrible curse of lycanthropy. “

The Judas Complex is being published by Dauntless Stories and currently has a project goal of $7,000 in order to support everyone who contributed to making this graphic novel come to life. If you’d like to support the creators, as well as get your hands on the graphic novel, you can support the project over at Dauntless Stories.

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