Thursday, April 18, 2024

Garrett Clayton & Blake Knight to talk gaming on their ‘A Gay in the Life’ show

A Gay in the Life, a Spotify Greenroom show, airs Mondays from 5pm-6pm PST / 8pm-9pm EST on the Spotify Greenroom app. Hosts (and husbands) actor Garrett Clayton and writer and educator Blake Knight chat every week about the LGBTQ+ experience, educating listeners about queer issues, history, and culture. 

With occasional celebrity and expert guests, this show offers listeners a chance to interact directly with Garrett and Blake and engage in the ongoing conversation, allowing everyone to learn in a fun, safe, entertaining way.

This Monday, October 4th from 5pm-6pm PST / 8pm-9pm EST, A Gay in the Life will be focusing on gaming and gaming culture on the show.

Spotify Greenroom is now available to listeners in over 135 markets around the world and these innovative new live shows the hosts can interact with their audience not only through the chat, but by also by inviting listeners to essentially come up on stage and share their own experiences. This makes the show much more interactive and allows people to share their direct experiences with the hosts and audience.

We can’t wait to tune in on Monday, October 4th, to hear Garrett and Blake talk more about the world of gaming and gaming culture. Join us and perhaps you can be part of the show!

Robin Gray

[He/Him] Robin is the Founder of Gayming Magazine. He's on a mission to fly the LGBTQ flag proudly over the video games world and drive forward authentic representation in the industry, in the press and in the games we love.