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Two of the highest rated games of 2021 are releasing tonight

Despite popular belief conveyed in big press, this year has been far from slow when it comes to video games. And it’s only about to get bigger and better, because two of the highest rated games of 2021 on Metacritic and Open Critic for console and PC are releasing tonight.

Tales of Arise, a JRPG game that looks to evolve the series to appeal to a modern audience and Life is Strange: True Colors, the third game of a beloved, queer series following a new protagonist as they navigate a new, rural setting.

Both games embargo’s lifted yesterday, with Tales of Arise shooting ahead with a score of 87 on Metacritic and on Open Critic. As for Life is Strange: True Colors, it scored 81 on Open Critic, and 85 on Metacritic. And in just a few short hours, you’ll be able to play both on various platforms, including Xbox One Series X/S and the PS5.

Tales of Arise follows the story of Alphen, a slaver who wishes to liberate his people from the oppressive forces of Rena. He is joined by Shionne, a Renan woman whose very touch brings the most unimaginable pain, as well as other companions Rinwell, Law, Dohalim and our favourite lady-knight, Kisara.

Life is Strange: True Colors puts players in the shoes of Alex Chen, a young woman with the ability to be able to ‘feel’ what the people around her are thinking and feeling. She visits the mountain town of Haven Springs. However, after the suspicious death of her brother Gabe, she realizes she’ll need to count on her ability, as well as new friends, to find out the truth.

These two very different games will both be available later tonight (or today, depending on where you’re located) for PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5. For Life is Strange: True Colors, you can also grab the game over on Google Stadia later on, with the Nintendo Switch version releasing later on in the year.

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