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Life is Strange True Colors Guide – Girl From Rome Puzzle

Life is Strange: True Colors has many a puzzle that’ll have you scratching your head, but there’s one that’s more to do with your hearing than your brainpower – and that’s the Girl from Rome puzzle. With this puzzle, players will have to do more than look at the obvious and use their surroundings to help out.

In Chapter 3 of Life is Strange: True Colors, players will take control of Alex as she goes about her business in the bar. As you explore the bar, you’ll come across several characters that she can help out, such as a not-so-confident jogger worried about her shape and profession. You’ll also come across a student who has a song that used to play in the bar stuck in her head. The only problem is that she doesn’t know what the song is called apart from it involves the lyrics ‘Where are you? Girl from Rome…’ As people who always gets quite the earworm stuck in their heads, we can imagine how frustrating this situation is.

Thankfully, you play as Alex Chen – a young woman able to read minds and feelings from people, so even the impossible is possible. That and Alex is friends with a DJ, so…

With all this information in mind, you should ask both Ryan and Steph about the song. Steph will mention that it’s a great song called Ablaster Daydream. You can also ask Jed about the song before Steph and Ryan, and he will mention that all the songs available should already be in the jukebox. However, that turns out to be a little porkie pie from Jed, as when you check the jukebox you’ll find out that Ablaster Daydream is missing.

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Head back to Jed and (politely) inform him he is full of BS, prompting him to tell you that the disc for the jukebox should be somewhere by the bar. It turns out you don’t have to search for too long though, because you can find the disc right at the back of the bar, just in front of where Ryan and Steph is.

Grab the disc, head back to the jukebox and play the song – people will comment, including Jed. Head back to the student and read her thoughts and you’ll see that she’s overjoyed with her song being played – what a coincidence, right?

Players will earn the Earworm Squasher Trophy straight after.

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