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How to romance Angie in Lake

Lake is one of the most enthralling games of 2021 in its skill at embracing the mundane and reconnecting the past, present, and future…which isn’t all that mundane at all! Outside of its beautiful environments and intentionally slow gameplay, Lake has a great cast of kindhearted, but wacky characters, and that of course includes Meredith’s romance options: Angie and Robert.

One of the most popular questions fans had when learning about romance options in Lake was whether you could be gay or not. The answer is yes, Meredith can indeed find some sapphic love. Angie, the movie curator who owns a Blockbuster-esque store in the small town of Providence Oaks, quickly develops an interest in Meredith.

Angie’s competition is Robert, the local lumberjack with a heart – and perhaps a chainsaw – of gold. Though don’t worry, if you’re just interested in a romance with Angie then Lake won’t force you to be into Robert, you can turn him down at every available opportunity.

Be warned, this guide will have some spoilers for Lake.

Lake: How to Romance Angie

It isn’t all too hard to romance Angie, as the only thing that could possibly throw her off for good is if you’re super rude, you turn her down or ignore her completely. It should be noted that if you do turn Angie down during your time with her, you’ll still be able to do her quests, but just as a friend!

How to Romance Angie in Lake

The first thing you need to do is meet Angie, this will happen early on in Meredith’s first week and cannot be missed. She’ll explain that she runs The Flick Shack (something which makes sense for movies, but did make me do a maniacal, gay laugh all the same) and you get the option to tell her why you’re there. Be polite to her, talk about films and she’ll give you a movie of her own to watch.

After you finish your workday, you’ll head back to your old home and get the option to sit and read, watch TV, or watch the film that Angie lent you. Watch the film, otherwise it’ll take longer for you to progress onto the next stage with her.

After watching the film, head back to The Flick Shack to let Angie know your own two cents about the film. After talking for a while, Angie will say that she’s got a ‘secret’ plan and wants to share it with you, but only if she can come over to your house. You can outright deny her, but that won’t progress her romance. Instead agree, and ask if her coming over is ‘like a date?’ She’ll laugh at your use of labels, but basically give you an answer that can be summed up with ‘if you want it to be!’

How to romance Angie in Lake

Angie will head over to your house after the workday, and Angie’s plan is revealed: she wants your help to deliver films to certain people around Providence Oaks. You can question whether that’s legal or not, but don’t be such a cop already and say you’ll help her out. After agreeing, just continue to be nice to Angie and express your disappointment when she leaves. She’ll take this as a good sign!

This leaves you to deliver movies to two residents. The first is Lori, who is a nice, introverted engineer who likes to work on cars. After a day has passed, you collect the movie from Lori and then head back to the Flick Shack to pick up the next movie and get the chance to talk to Angie.

It’s at this point that Angie is aloof and off with you. You can call her out on it but she’ll brush you off and tell you to deliver the next tape. This one is to Burt, an angler who is also a bit of a sourpuss. After another day passes and you go and pick up the movie and deliver it back to Angie, she’s a bit more peppy.

Lake romance Angie

Angie will apologize for how sour she was acting before. I won’t spoil the reason for you, but just know that she’s willing to try and make it up to you. How? Well, it turns out Angie being such a movie buff has its perks, and she just got two free tickets to see whatever movie is showing.

You can choose to accept or say no, but saying no will end the chance of you getting closer to Angie. Besides, who doesn’t love a good movie date?

If you say yes, you’ll head off to the movies together after your workday ends. After picking between three movies, you’ll get a cutscene with Angie driving you home. You can invite her in for a coffee and well, a little something more…

Lake Angie romance

After a lovely date, you’ll head into the next day and talk to Angie some more. This is where I’m going to put a big old [SPOILERT ALERT SIGN HERE] so you know that what happens next is something you should probably experience for yourself.

Now, during your workday – and after the kiss – you’ll talk to Angie again. She explains how much she enjoyed her time with you, but that she’s decided to leave Providence Oaks. It’s nothing you’ve done wrong, it’s just that The Flick Shack isn’t making money and well, she doesn’t feel as though this is the place for her. Take in the sight of Angie as much as you can gamers, because after her telling you she’s leaving, you won’t see her in-person for a while.

On the last day of your two weeks away, you receive a note from her explaining that she’s been away from Providence Oaks because she’s been moving her stuff from the store. She also lets you know she’ll meet up with you at Maureen’s Open Mic that very night.

Angie does indeed meet up with you during the Open Mic Night, though she doesn’t stay long. What you do find out though is that she does plan to leave Providence Oaks for good, and no matter what you say you’re unable to convince her otherwise. If you were already feeling unsure on what decision to make at the end of your two weeks, then romancing Angie just made it 10x harder.

After Sunday night, Meredith has to make a decision: go home, run off with Angie on an adventure of a lifetime, or stay in Providence Oaks. The only option you have to be with Angie is if you agree to not go back to the city, nor stay in Providence Oaks. Instead, Meredith will have to take a risk and drive off into the sunset.

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