Tuesday, March 5, 2024

All of the Lake romance options

Lake is one hell of a game that we gave the highest mark in our review, but did you also know that Lake has romance options too? That’s right, despite the protagonist Meredith Weiss travelling back to her hometown in Providence Oaks for a nice way to relax, you can easily get swept up into the drama of romance.

Now don’t get it twisted, if you’re expecting BioWare or Larian Studio’s levels of romance then you’re going to be sorely disappointed. There are no gift exchanges and there’s no romance meter bar that you can check on to see how well you’re doing. As we mentioned in our review, Lake is a simple game and that goes for its romance options, too. All you really have to gauge on whether you’re doing a good job or not is how people react to what you say. Sounds easy enough, right?

As far as how many romance options there are, Lake only has two: Robert and Angie. We’ve talked a lot about Angie – and even have a guide for her romance – in the past but in fairness, she’s easily our favourite due to the setting of Providence Oaks. Still, we’ll reel in our bias and tell you a bit more about Meredith’s two options.

The first is Robert, a ‘manly’ man with a gruff exterior who you first meet after delivering some mail to him. It turns out that there are developers looking to rip up some of the forests near where he lives to build apartments, and as someone who very much loves nature, Robert is deadset against that happening. Only, he isn’t the best at expressing himself, and so turns to Meredith for help in trying to get developers to back off his land.

Your second romance option is Angie, a brazen woman in charge of the Blockbuster-esque store in Providence Oaks. Despite her no-nonsense look, Angie is actually ALL for nonsense and will happily talk your ear off about the wackiest movies she’s fond of. She’ll also ask Meredith for help in introducing new movies to the locals and, if that goes well, even take you on a nice date.

Aimee Hart

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