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Lunaris Games revamped When The Night Comes is officially out

Last week was a momentous occasion for Lunaris Games thanks to the release of their revamped game, When The Night Comes.

When The Night Comes was Lunaris Games’ first official game and brought a wealth of mystery, intrigue, supernatural and, most importantly, an LGBTQ+ cast for players to interact and fall in love with. The original was complete back in 2019 and, even with new games like Errant Kingdom and Call Me Under being worked on by the developers, When The Night comes still remained popular. It still is often on top of the Most Popular category on for queer games.

Now with the revamp, When The Night Comes gets an extra paint of quality slapped on top, and let me be clear by saying it was always pretty damn good. Now it just looks and plays even better, with some great additions to the game, too.

For those new to the game though, the premise is that you’re a Hunter, and a pretty good one at that. You’ve been called to the town of Lunaris, a quiet and strange place that is suffering from a series of downright disturbing, but unexplainable supernatural murders. It’s up to you to figure out what’s causing these terrible incidents by helping out the town’s local Enforcers with the investigation.

You’ll come across everything you can imagine: werewolves, vampires, and even demons. Hell, you might even find yourself falling for them while you try to untangle the web of lies in Lunaris… Stranger things have happened.

The cast is LGBTQ+ friendly, and the romance options are varied with polyamorous options also available. You are also able to complete the game without romance – and sex – at all, so don’t be afraid to give this game a go if that appeals to you. Did I also mention you can pick your pronouns? Yep, you can!

When The Night Comes is available on and Steam, with the latter becoming available sometime soon. Now I’m not usually one to tell people which platform they should buy a game on, but if you want to make sure the majority of your money goes to the developers we recommend purchasing the game on! You get a Steam key from the purchase on there anyway, and you’re just helping Lunaris Games out in making some more amazing games. If you ask me, that’s 100% worth grabbing it on itch.

For more Lunaris Games, check out their official website.

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