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Halo announcer Jeff Steitzer speaks openly about trans rights in video

The words ‘trans rights’ are easy to say, but the work to actively support the trans community and those that inhabit it takes more than uttering two words. But that hasn’t stopped fans of Jeff Steitzer, the Halo announcer, from openly celebrating the video of Steitzer saying ‘trans rights.

User tanisthelesbiab posted the video on Twitter, where it quickly picked up traction.

The video comes from Steitzer’s Cameo, an app and website that lets people pay celebrities to give them a personal message. That may feel a little skeevy at first, the act of essentially paying someone to say something progressive, but as you can see from the video itself, Steitzer didn’t just say what he was told to say but actually talked more about his thoughts and feelings in regards to the trans community.

“The struggles of trans people reminds me so much of all the other struggles that I’ve been witness to over the many years that I have been alive,” says Steitzer. “And now I see trans folks like yourself who basically want nothing more than to enjoy the equality that everybody else aspires to and which I for one think you should have. So I am happy to say ‘trans rights!'”

Trans rights are constantly being second-guessed by people in power, including influential people like J.K Rowling. Often disguised as people merely being ‘gender critical’, trans people are actively harmed by people’s false narratives of them when all they want is to simply exist and thrive. With that in mind, it’s clear why people are so overjoyed to have people actively validate them and their experience with something as simple as saying ‘trans rights’ – especially when that person is someone as renowned as Jeff Steitzer.

In other Halo news, Halo Infinite is looking pretty damn great with an outstanding technical preview from Digital Foundry.

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