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Gamescom 2021: 5 Indie games that stand out from the crowd

Gamescom 2021 is here and boy, are we excited! There are so many incredible games coming out, and oh so little time to play them all. It doesn’t help that the Gamescom 2021 Indie Showcase was so good, how are we supposed to figure out which game to dive into first?

There are a lot of great indie games out there, but we’ve managed to wrestle down our expectations into a handy list of just 5. 5 indie games shown at Gamescom 2021 that we think will not just make us very happy when they release but are interesting and fun for you, our readers!

Gamescom 2021 indie
The Wandering Village

Who doesn’t love creating their own village? City and town builders are personally one of our favourite things in a video game, it really calms the mind – even when things go terribly wrong.

But it goes deeper than just creating a place in The Wandering Village. Players will take on a leadership role and build a symbiotic relationship with the gigantic host that’s carrying your village around. Sounds nice, doesn’t it?

You can wishlist The Wandering Village on Steam.

Gamescom 2021 indie

Signalis has never made us more down to be terrified. Just one look at the game perfectly describes what you’re getting into: a scary, sci-fi world where terror is around every corner and breathing down your neck.

It isn’t just you rushing in, guns blazing, though. In Signalis, you’ll have to solve puzzles and navigate a dystopian, nightmarish, retrotech worlds full of creatures that want nothing more but to rip you apart.

You can wishlist Signalis on Steam.


Not to poke at the obvious, but this game really brings a new meaning to the words ‘soul sister’. In Soulstice you play as Briar and Lute, two sisters who were reborn as a Chimera – hybrid warriors born of the union of two souls and the only fighters out there that can stem the tide of evil creatures known as Wraiths.

Briar possesses superhuman strength and agility, whereas Lute was reborn as a ghost in order to help her sister in ways that she couldn’t in her mortal life. Together they’ll restore balance to the Holy Kingdom of Keidas.

You can wishlist Soulstice on Steam.


Call us suckers if you want, but we do love an apocalyptic wasteland. As sparse as a wasteland may appear to be, it’s always incredible how it brings people together. That’s probably why we’re so connected to the Fallout series, huh?

In Kandria though, players take on the role of The Stranger, an android that’s recently been unearthed from the ruins of the old world. You may be stronger and faster than everyone you meet, but do you have the intelligence to know whether the diverse cast of characters you meet truly care about you, or are just using you for their own gain?

You can wishlist Kandria on Steam.

Gamescom 2021 indie
Soup Raiders

This game is nothing short of adorable. It has pretty much everything we like: delicious looking food, pirates and a real-time combat system. There’s literally nothing about this game that doesn’t scream ‘this is perfect for Aimee Hart, Gayming Magazine’s EIC’.

Soup Raiders is about pirates who go against merchants in a glorious, soupy battle. We say soupy because the world is in a soup, which to be honest? Sounds more like a yummy surprise than something we should be complaining about.

You can find out more about Soup Raiders on the official Twitter account.

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