Saturday, March 2, 2024

Rainbow Arcade + DIGIPRIDE Week 8: Go_JG & Supercaliy

Once again, we have teamed up with the wonderful Rainbow Arcade, an all-encompassing LGBTQIA+ Twitch team with a big focus on diversity, to host special weekly DIGIPRIDE streams!

This week we’re happy to welcome Go_JG and Supercaliy.

Here’s the details of their DIGIPRIDE streams:


Jess is a queer Canadian streamer, showrunner and game designer. They stream video and tabletop games on their Twitch channel, love highlighting indie games, queer content, and encouraging a supportive community. She’ll play just about any game if you tell her there’s a queer cutie she can smooch.

They will be streaming Stardew Valley this Saturday (24 July) at 12pm ET (5pm UK, 9am PT).

Check out their Twitch channel here.


Supercaliy is a 28 year old variety streamer from Boston who enjoys a wide range of games from wholesome, cozy games to thrilling, horror games. As a openly gay person and survivor of heart disease, it’s been his goal to use his platform to create a safe place for everyone.

He will be streaming this Saturday (24 July) at 6pm ET (11pm UK, 3pm PT) and will be playing Tell Me Why.

Check out his Twitch channel here.

Robin Gray

[He/Him] Robin is the Founder of Gayming Magazine. He's on a mission to fly the LGBTQ flag proudly over the video games world and drive forward authentic representation in the industry, in the press and in the games we love.