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Apex Legends voice actor Erika Ishii says ‘F*CK TERFS’ on Dimension 20 show

Erika Ishii, known for her roles as Valerie in Monster Prom, Ana Bray in Destiny 2 and now Valkyrie from Apex Legends, is also a certified legend thanks to her absolute shutdown of TERFs during a Dimension 20 show.

For those who don’t know, TERFs stand for ‘trans-exclusionary radical feminist’. As you can probably guess from that title, it’s a ‘feminist’ who excludes trans women from their own ‘brand’ of feminism which not only absolutely stinks, it’s also incredibly dangerous and puts trans women at risk.

Now, what do TERFs have to do with Erika Ishii? Well, to put everything into context: Ishii is currently starring in Dimension 20’s new show: Magic and Misfits. Ishii is joined by Aabria Iyengar as Game Master (also the GM of Critical Role’s Exandria Unlimited), actress Danielle Radford, comedian Lou Wilson and Brennan Lee Mulligan, the previous GM of some of Dimension 20’s shows. Now, Magic and Misfits’ premise is inspired by J.K Rowling’s Harry Potter, though not at ALL affiliated with the nonsense that’s come out of Rowling’s mouth. It’s probably a lot gayer, too – which isn’t at all hard to do.

Regardless, there’s one scene from the first episode that instantly went viral when it was shared on Twitter. It’s a clip where Ishii states she’s “so into Harry Potter but can I also say… ‘f*ck TERFS!”

As any decent person would expect, the rest of the Dimension 20 cast soon chimed in.

Ishii acknowledged that, in spite of Rowling, Harry Potter, its world and its cast of characters offered so much that “resonated with a lot of us misfits, a lot of us kids that wanted magic and really believed in it and I will never let that part go, but f*ck TERFs.”

It opened up an interesting discussion about fans who felt gutted after Rowling demonized trans women and men online. While some fans chose to move on and shut that side of themselves away to put their energy into other things, others simply couldn’t let the magic Rowling’s words inspired in them go completely.

To be frank, there is no way to divorce Rowling from her work. There is no way we can pretend Rowling didn’t write something that is loved by so many, but we can acknowledge that the Boy Wizard still has a place in many people’s hearts all the same.

That said: f*ck TERFs.

You can watch Dimension 20’s Magic and Misfits over on Dropout.

Source: Pink News

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