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The Walking Dead: Survivors mobile game introduces new hot characters and plagiarism controversy

In two months, AMC’s long-running zombie series The Walking Dead will begin its eleventh and final season. While it seems like the end of an era, it was confirmed by the network that Daryl and Carol will receive their own spin-off, we’re still getting the long-awaited Rick Grimes movies and probably another season of Fear the Walking Dead is on the way, too.

I personally gave up on the franchise two years ago, opting to keep up with the horror-drama solely while cuddling with my husband on the couch. However, I’m a sucker for a good mobile game about building your own town in the middle of the zombie apocalypse, so I downloaded The Walking Dead: Survivors last week to see what it had to offer. This isn’t a review by any means; just my thoughts on the game and the drama that has unfolded since then.

Developed and published by Galaxy Play Technology Limited and released to Android and iOS this past April, The Walking Dead: Survivors finds a new struggling, walled-in city, named Garden Springs, as they hope to find resources like food, water, wood and ammunition, face hordes of rampaging zombies, fend off advances from The Saviors and make palpable relationships with each other and neighbouring cities. It’s pretty standard for games like this, where safe-guarding your own city is the priority, but it does lack some of the basic building options you’ll find in similar titles. In other words, you can’t decorate your city at all. You can only move buildings around the perimeter.

Although Garden Springs is a new environment in The Walking Dead universe, it finds ways to tie in iconic and legendary characters from the television show and comic books. What I enjoyed about this especially is that The Walking Dead: Survivors takes artistic leniency with design and players will get new versions of their favourite characters. I, for one, thought Father Gabriel, Abraham and Shane look more delightful in this adaption. Of course, this also means that there are some smoking hot depictions to look at. They only repeat the same lines over and over again – like Elmo – and they only move in sway in the breeze motion, but the new additions to the roster are a sight for sore eyes, so I’ll take it!

My favorite new hotties, in order, are Ross (who looks like Michael Weatherly), Vayne (who looks like Greyston Holt), Enzo, Billy and The Butcher. The Butcher may be a turn-coat villain, but he’s a big, bald daddy and I’ll let him tenderize my… phone battery.

Interestingly enough, three days ago sources broke the news that The Walking Dead: Survivors blatantly ripped-off the Resident Evil 2 remake in its promotional artwork. The plagiarism is so bad, in fact, that the media specialists over at Galaxy Play Technology Limited LITERALLY cut and paste their characters over Leon and Claire from the Resident Evil 2 remake poster. Parts of Claire’s gun and fingers are even present in the artwork under a new character’s hand, as is part of Leon’s shoulder behind old-school Glenn. The Gamer has full coverage and side-by-side pictures, and you should really check out their article here.

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