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Add Pride to your tabletop games with Adventuring with Pride: Queer We Go Again!

It’s officially Pride Month which means three things: it’s time to be as queer as humanly possible, it kicks off three whole months of DigiPride and more importantly, it’s the best time to go and support the tabletop adventure Adventuring With Pride: Queer We Go Again over on Kickstarter!

Fans of the previous Adventuring with Pride tabletop book are in for a real treat this summer, as not only does Adventuring with Pride: Queer We Go Again (absolutely phenomenal Mamma Mia reference, by the way) have new subclasses, but three, brand new, pride-orientated adventures too. You just love to see it, you really do.

This LGBT+ Dungeon and Dragons 5E supplement is created by the team of Jack and Alex Dixon, with artwork featured from artists Alexiss (Joey) Eastman-Edmonds, Abbigayle Bircham, and Jon Habens. Some of which you can check out on the game’s Kickstarter, and below. Because just look at it, it’s gorgeous!

A sneak peek at one of three new adventures!

The Adventuring with Pride: Queer We Go Again tabletop supplement will offer fans a 100+ page hardcover book – or PDF if that’s your preference – with three brand new adventures (four, if they smash their other stretch goal), a variety of amazing NPCs, three new subclasses for Warlock, Fighter and Wizard, a ton of unique and fun items, as well as three, fully-designed characters: a pansexual social media Warlock gome; an adorable bungling barista Wizard; and a trans activist Tiefling Fighter.

The three adventures included so far follow the story of the queer couple Yelena and Elfie. The two want to get the approval of their family and friends so they can pave a path forward to their future together, but things aren’t as simple as that may sound. The adventures are created to be played one after the other, but can also be self-contained one-shots, as well. Between them, players will get the chance to adventure with the backdrop of ‘a renaissance faire, a white wedding, and a honeymoon cruise that turns murderous…’ Colour us intrigued!

As for the three subclasses, they are just as innovative as you’d imagine in this college-esque sort of setting. Check them out:

  • Influencer Warlock – Forget the bard getting famous, it’s the Warlock’s time to shine by selling your soul for fame! The Warlock design options include a new Pact called the Pact of the Influencer, a new patron named Twit’zr, and a variety of new, influential Eldritch Invocations.
  • School of the Barista Wizard – We’ve always said that baristas are magical, and this subclass proves it! Here you’ll be able to create the perfect drink, with a menu of fully custom enchanted brews to help your party weather any storm.
  • Activist Fighter – It’s time to rally your friends to the cause with your words! This subclass focuses on rallying your allies and neutralising threats with a non-lethal fighting style.

The original Adventuring with Pride raised thousands of pounds for Stonewall, and that’s the aim for Adventuring with Pride: Queer We Go Again, as well. It’s already smashed its Kickstarter goal, but don’t let that stop you from supporting this queer Dungeons and Dragons supplement and adding some pride to your tabletop adventures.

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