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Sailor Moon Eternal debuts on international Netflix 3 June 2021

I have waited for this moment since Sailor Moon Eternal debuted in Japan this past Winter; mostly because YouTube clips cut out all the best parts! But after a four year break, I was desperately waiting for Toei Animation to finish their remake of Sailor Moon – a beloved anime that struck a cord with fans in the 90’s. Now, the time has come, as Netflix has picked up the rights to Sailor Moon Eternal, the two-part movie that crams all of the “Death Moon Circus” arc into a small time frame. Oh, yes, Sailor Moon Eternal makes its international Netflix debut on 3 June 2021.

In this story, a random solar eclipse occurs at the same time that mythical beast Pegasus reveals himself to be looking for a fair maiden. Meanwhile, an evil, supernatural circus sets up shop in Juban, who uses nightmares as a means to steal the Legendary Silver Crystal and rule planet Earth. Now, all ten Sailor Scouts must join forces once again to combat Queen Nehelenia and her clan of freaks if they wish to save the universe from destruction. However, with their worst fears being used against them, will they even stand a chance? You’ll have to watch Sailor Moon Eternal to find out!

For us gaymers, Sailor Moon holds an important cultural impact, as two of the lead characters Sailor Uranus (Haruka) and Sailor Neptune (Michiru) are out, proud and frankly badass lesbians in a loving relationship. Although non-Japanese dubs tried to erase the relationship and turn them into cousins, the original incarnation of the girls has shown through in the Sailor Moon Crystal remake. Not only that, but they are recognized as capable parents, as they adopt an infantile Sailor Saturn following a bitter battle against Pharaoh 90.

Sailor Moon Eternal hits Netflix on 3 June 2021. Will you be watching? Who’s your favorite Scout? Comment and let me know!

Michael Therkelsen

[He/Him] Michael was born and raised at the Jersey Shore and he loves love horror films, video games, hiking and cooking. He auditioned for American Idol in season 6 and worked as a vet tech before finally discovering his passion for writing. He has several short stories available for purchase on e-readers, and is obsessed with UFC, American Ninja Warrior and running half-marathons. With a wide area of interests and hobbies, he's excited to help other people in the LGBT community discovery the world of gaming.