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New Apex Legends comic hints at Loba – Bangalore romance

Apex Legends Season 9 might not have started with the bang that Respawn first expected due to server trouble, but that hasn’t stopped people from enjoying the new Legend Valkyrie and the new comic that hints at a Loba – Bangalore romance.

Apex Legends might not be the best game when it comes to actually showing relationships between its Legends due to it being a battle royale, but that hasn’t stopped those interested in the lore at all. In fact, more and more small communities have been built around each and every Legend and that, of course, includes the Legend’s romantic interests.

The main pairing that we’ve seen kicking around Apex Legends communities is Loba and Bangalore. When Loba was first introduced in Season 5, she was a lone wolf who only had one thing on her mind: getting revenge on Revenant – the simulacrum who’d mercilessly butchered her entire family. Now, however, things are a little different…

Loba still wants revenge, but in the Season 9 comic it looks as though she has other things on her mind – namely a romantic date with Anita Williams, aka Bangalore. Bangalore seems to be receptive to this, at first anyway, before shenanigans occur and Loba is left tumbling through free space while the other heartbroken Legends look on.

But don’t worry, this is Apex Legends and nobody is going to die in these comics. At least, that’s not been the case before and we doubt that’ll change anytime soon.

Loba and Bangalore have been soft for one another since Season 6, so it only makes sense that when the two reunite – in comics – that there’s probably going to be a lot of hugging. It’s obvious that the two care for one another, though whether those feelings are romantic or not remains to be seen.

Still, it’d be nice to have Loba and Bangalore together for a lot of reasons. For one, the focus of a love story on a non-white queer couple would be incredibly rewarding to watch, and two it’d be a rewarding narrative step for both Loba and Bangalore – two Apex Legends known for their emotional distance towards others.

Unfortunately the comic has already been leaked online, so we know the ending for it. But, without spoiling too much, that doesn’t mean the end of Loba and Bangalore and we’re stoked to see what will happen next.

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