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Star Wars Battlefront 2 Freebie From the Epic Store Was Claimed Over 19 Million Times

Star Wars Battlefront 2 recently received an overwhelming surge of players, thanks to the promotion from the Epic Games store. The store gave away free copies of the game and considering that the Star Wars game is still such a big hit, it isn’t all that surprising the giveaway was successful.

Published by EA, fans have been skeptical about the publisher’s use of the Star Wars license and that came to head when the second game first launched. It was met with derision, and spawned a lot of hate and, frankly, memes of a pink Dark Vader. However, EA (eventually) took the criticism on board and has created a game that’s left many still playing even a year after the game officially stopped receiving updates. We can see why – it’s very good.

Now Star Wars Battlefront 2 has grown, with the promotion on the Epic Games store bringing in over 19 million new players. That’s a lot of shinies on the battlefield, so let’s hope that more experienced players will be there to help them out!

The game isn’t just solely about multiplayer, it comes attached with a pretty great single-player storyline that’ll have you playing as Iden Versio – a pro-Empire soldier who serves as the Commander of a secret team called the Inferno Squad. Her story will take players across multiple movies, falling short just before episode 7, Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Star Wars fans have a lot of exciting games coming their way, with the speculation of Battlefront 3 not being that far away, as well as the Lego Skywalker series, and Ubisoft planning their very own game…

For now though players will have to settle with blasting each other in combat. To arms!

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