Thursday, April 18, 2024

“Pokemon but make it queer” is a thing thanks to Zach Brunner’s artwork

Gayming Magazine has always had one unspoken rule: we need more butts and gay art in our life and we’re happy to find out that Zach Brunner – a queer illustrator that focuses on all things nerdy like Pokemon and gaming – is willing to help us with that!

An artist who has his art featured in the Queer Emporium Shop collections, Brunner has a wide, varied collection of art. The most latest work is that of Lil Nas X and his hot, iconic look during the music video of MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name).

But what we’re really loving is the Pokemon work from Zach Brunner. Not only did he supply with the butts, but he didn’t leave much to the imagination with the latex either. We do love to see it!


It isn’t just Pokemon that’s getting all of the butt treatment, though. Brunner also makes art of comics, as well as slice of life moments – such as wallowing away in quarantine, playing games and even something as simple as showering and doing your hair.

We absolutely adore the art from Brunner, especially as it doesn’t shy away from including diverse body types and instead makes everyone feel welcome. It’s intimate, sexy and fun, and we love it!

To see more of Zach Brunner and his work – ranging from Pokemon to comics to real-life celebrities – then check him out over on Instagram and Twitter!

Gayming Staff

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