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[UPDATED] Modder distributes Gay Marriage patch to Crusader Kings 3 – immediately gets banned

EDIT: Paradox Interactive have officially reached out on their forums about adding both gay marriage and gay concubine mods back in Crusader Kings 3 for Patch 1.4. Their official response can be seen here.

We also received a statement from Paradox Interactive, which clarified further on why the original ban was given in the first place. Please read the statement, below:

“Following a recent update for Crusader Kings III, some mods that allowed same-sex options for marriage were unintentionally rendered unusable. The Paradox team is diligently working to release a patch to correct the issue and make marriage mods possible again by patch 1.4.

In the specific case that you’ve reached out about, the modder was blocked and their mod was removed due to security concerns. The mod was a fully remade version of ck3.exe, which is a violation of community and forum rules. Modded versions of ck3.exe cannot be vetted for malware or other malicious items, therefore all .exe versions of the game are banned to safeguard against viruses, corrupted save data, etc.”

Paradox Interactive has also recently stated that they will be adding gay modding in the very next patch for Crusader Kings 3.

Original article starts below:

Crusader Kings 3 is an incredibly impressive game that shot to nearly being my GOTY last year. But it is also a very flawed game, particularly when you look at how Crusader Kings 3 looks at gay marriage. As in it doesn’t look at gay marriage at all – that is simply not an option in the base game.

In response to this, players have asked for developers Paradox Interactive to help them add gay modding into the game. The reason for this is because, as the game is at the moment, there is a hard ban on gay marriage in the game’s very code. WaffleIroner, the original poster of the ‘Legalize Gay Modding!’ forum post explains what this means for the game in more detail over on their Medium post.

What makes the lack of gay marriage disconcerting is that you’re allowed to be as gay as humanely possible for the most part. Some cultures are incredibly accepting of homosexuality, even if you just play a plain ol’ vanilla game. The only real downside is the lack of gay marriage, no matter what culture you decide to play as.

With all this in mind, WaffleIroner decided to take action and create a patch that allowed players to bypass the hardcode of Crusader Kings 3 in order to implement gay marriage into their games through a simple button click. After that, they posted the patch online and was met with a swift ban for their trouble. The result has led to a very discontent, queer community.

Now let’s be clear: we’re pretty certain that distributing arbitrary exe patches like this – whether it’s implementing a good thing or not – is forbidden and that is why WaffleIroner was banned for posting the patch, not because Paradox Interactive are secretly homophobic. After all, it has been made clear that previous gay mods were broken unintentionally.

Nonetheless, the lack of communication between Paradox Interactive and its queer players have left some feeling that the developers simply don’t care. One player, who wished to be anonymous, told Gayming Magazine that they feel cheated by the development team. “They’re too busy worrying over being ‘accused of being homophobic’ that they won’t even talk to the community this affects.” They said. “We had gay marriage in Crusader Kings 2, why not 3?”

We have reached out to Paradox Interactive for further comments about the situation.

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