Saturday, April 13, 2024
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Adult Cyberpunk Boys Love game DRAMAtical Murder gets an English release

Now don’t get DRAMAtical on us but the English release of popular, Cyberpunk boys love game, DRAMAtical Murder is now available to purchase from Steam, as well as JAST BLUE’s official website.

Developed by Nitro+CHiRAL, the game focuses on a young man called Aoba. Aoba still lives with his grandmother in the Old Residential District, a place that acts as a refuge for the people of Midorijima.

Midorjima used to be a busy, bustling place of an island situated just a little ways south of Japan, but has been reduced to almost nothing due to the Toue Corporation. The Toue Corporation took over the island, forcing people to move. Those that stayed were forced to live outside the walls of a megaresort, where nobody but the wealthy thrived.

But while the rich live off their extortionate amount of wealth, Aoba’s peers join gangs to fight for dominance of the streets, whilst others lose themselves in VR games to block out their lack of a meaningful future in Midorijima. As for Aoba himself…He just wants his life and job at the junk shop to be a peaceful one.

Yeah. Not going to happen.

Strange things start to happen in Midorijima, and Aoba meets a cast of characters that’ll not only help him with his powers, but will explain more about the shady megacorporation after him. Oh and they’ll be love too. Lots and lots of love.

Just like the original that came out in 2012, the English version DRAMAtical Murder has multiple-choice, multiple love interests, and as you might suspect with all the multiple going on, multiple endings. If you love your first playthrough of the game, then don’t fret, you’ll have at least 5 different endings to unlock, too.

Whatever choices you make, the dark secrets you’ll uncover under the gleam of this city will stick with you forever.

DRAMAtical Murder is available only on PC.

Aimee Hart

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