Thursday, December 7, 2023

A YouTuber created our dream Alien x Dead by Daylight crossover

Ever since Dead by Daylight was first released it has prided itself on including licensed characters that you can’t play anywhere else. Leatherface, Michael Myers, Freddy Kreuger – the game has it all. But one thing that Dead by Daylight doesn’t have is the license for Alien, namely the xenomorph that has terrorized our screens since 1979.

While Alien certainly has its own array of games, including the new Aliens: Fireteam set to be released sometime this year, the Xenomorph has been a lifeform that has inspired fear into its fans for a long time. So it’s not out of the question then that it’d be the perfect fit for Behavior’s asymmetrical horror game.

We don’t know what’s in Dead by Daylight’s licensed bag of goodies for the future, but if Alien is indeed part of their plans, they may have just been beaten to the punch by YouTuber Rarithlynx.

The YouTuber, known for having actually made a concept for a Friday Night at Freddy’s chapter, has outdone themselves this time. Not only have they included the Xenomorph model – which they state belongs to Gearbox Software, the developer of Alien: Colonial Marines – but they’ve included music, powers and even perks.

Aptly titled as ‘The Alien’, this concept even has a handy little bio that all Killers and Survivors have. “The Alien is an invasive Killer, able to slip past Survivors and cleave through entire groups of creatures with genetically perfected aggression. Incredibly predatory and hostile, it proves itself to be the ultimate Letal Lifeform.”

The perks, created by user WheatDraws, are all designed to keep Survivors on edge – something which, if we’re being honest, we only seem to feel against stealth killers.

Unfortunately, this is still just a concept. But if Dead by Daylight did add Alien to the game, we hope that they’ll be taking some tips off Rarithlynx!