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Our Travelling Home is a Studio Ghibli inspired, queer tabletop game

Our Travelling Home is a tabletop game that focuses on queer romance, found family, and fighting back against the oppression from the outside world that wants to hurt you. Despite all of this, it’s also a game where it’s physically impossible for you to get a bad ending. Happy endings only in this TTRPG.

Written, designed, and developed by Ash Kreider, Our Travelling Home is also heavily inspired by Studio Ghibli and its wonderful films – particularly Howl’s Moving Castle, which you can see Kreider’s own take on in the header image, above.

According to the Kickstarter description of the game, the aim of Our Travelling Home is to tell stories about a “collection of oddballs and misfits” and how they come together. This may be against the outside world yes, but also the drama that comes from relationships – familial and romantic. The stakes are high, but the outcome will always be worth it.

The game is also completely GMless, with the narrative drive being that the 4-5 players using simple, but moving story prompts and questions to push the game forward. With this game design, players are able to experience the magic, otherworldly spirit of the slice-of-life adventures that form so many Studio Ghibli movies.

Our Travelling Home is an intimate, emotional, tabletop journey that can be influenced by prompts – but also needs some characters for you all to play as. There are five altogether, these being:

  • The Monster: A witch or demon of the Wilds who has done some terrible things in the past, and now – with their powers stripped away – struggles to deal with empathy and their past actions.
  • The Wizard: After making a bargain for power, they are beginning to lose their humanity. Despite this, they long for connection and romance.
  • The Child: The Wizard’s apprentice that puts up with a lot with being needed and wanting to be cared for.
  • The Demon: A powerful supernatural entity that tries to understand humanity and forming connections with people. Is stuck in a pact with The Wizard.
  • The Cursed: A normal human that’s been transformed into a body that is strange and incorrect for them. Ignores their own needs to care for others.

As you can see, there are a lot of misfits. But considering how much the queer community likes misfits, we highly doubt that’s a bad thing.

If you’re interested in finding out how to support this project, head on over to Kickstarter.

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