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A very fair ranking of Genshin Impact’s most dateable NPCs

Genshin Impact is notorious for a lot of reasons, and one of those reasons is having a lot of hot characters. But when we talk about hot Genshin characters we’re always talking about the playable characters that you get through the gacha system, like the dangerous ginger bad boy, Tartaglia, or the strong and serious redhead, Diluc. But Genshin also has some really great NPCs that feel really fleshed out within the world. 

Some of Genshin’s dreamiest characters aren’t the ones you roll for, but the ones who were here all along.

So here, in my opinion, are some of the most dateable NPCs in Genshin Impact. You’re welcome, Internet.

Catboys are out, CatMEN are in!
5. Olaf

You meet Olaf during a story quest where you find him frozen in a block of ice where he’s been for hundreds of years. Yes, this cat man was cryogenically preserved like Captain America, and by talking to him you learn that he’s still struggling to catch up with modern life. Maybe you can help make his new surroundings feel like home? 

Also, I hear the internet has been really into catboys lately. Well, Olaf is better! He’s a catman. Are you ready to start a cat family and live out your cat future with him? Let’s just hope that he doesn’t suffer from the same alcohol issues that his great-great-great-grandson Draff has. 

Ying’er is her name, and flirting is her game
4. Ying’er

Ying’er is a young lady working at a porcelain shop in Liyue. You get to know her better during one of the main quests where you ask her to help you make some perfumes for a funeral rite. She misinterprets your request, as you had been asking every woman you could find about how they smell good. But she helps you anyways, flirting all the while. 

She may only speak in innuendos but I believe Ying’er is more than interested in getting to know you. 

Get you a girl who loves you almost as much as she loves history
3. Soraya

My beloved Soraya, what else is there to say? Soraya is a researcher from Sumeru. She enlists your help with her research after you save her from some Treasure hoarders. 

Soraya is studying artifacts from Liyue and she makes sure that you protect the ruins from the Treasure hoarders who want to rob the place blind. She’s educated and she cares about preserving history, how attractive is that? 

If you choose the right dialogue branch she also gives you a book about wedding customs in Liyue. Is that a hint? Is that supposed to be a hint or am I reading too much into this? Soraya?

Get with this man and you also get a free snake!
2. Baizhu

This man is sketchy but I cannot deny the intrigue. Baizhu is the owner of Bubu Pharmacy and the caretaker of Qiqi, a zombie child. He seems to have ulterior motives for taking care of Qiqi that we don’t yet understand. He also suffers from an unknown ailment that makes him frail. 

I know that none of that sounded good but perhaps you’ll change your mind when you hear that he has a talking snake companion and is probably filthy rich. His snake, Changsheng is always with him, and look how cute she is! Also when you first meet him in his story quest he charges you three million Mora for incense. Baizhu is a one man broken healthcare system but he must be rolling in Mora. 

Is this character morally good? Probably not. Does he wear a funky little crop top? Yes, absolutely.

It’s up to you to decide if he’s worth it, but you get a free zombie step daughter if you do. 

Genshin NPCs
Let us smash… that hammer alongside you, Master Zhang!
1. Master Zhang

Master Zhang is the forgemaster in Liyue harbor and also the man of your dreams. Let me tell you why.

First, he’s built like a brick house. Zhang actually has some muscle which is subsequently missing from all the playable men who are stick skinny. He’s also the current owner of Hanfeng’s Ironmongers. Zhang believes that good businesses are founded on good relationships and as a result offers free repairs to local miners and laborers. Coincidentally, good marriages are founded on good relationships, so Master Zhang is already ahead of the curve. 

You can also talk to his father Hanfeng in Qingce Village. He talks about how he used to own the blacksmith’s but is retired and living in the countryside. Hanfeng will also, regardless of the player character’s gender, try to set you up with his son. His exact words are, “My son has a strong pair of arms and a gentle demeanor, he knows his way equally well around social events and around the kitchen…If you are heading to Liyue, it can’t hurt to pay him a visit, can it?” 

Genshin NPCs
Well, if his dad ships you together then it must be fate

No sir, it wouldn’t hurt to pay him a visit. In fact I am running in a straight line right to Liyue Harbor as we speak. 

So, there we go, My most dateable NPCs, though I’m sure there are many more eligible bachelors and bachelorettes that I missed. The NPCs are genuinely one of my favorite parts of the games, everyone seems to have their own story to tell and I found myself genuinely feeling for characters that only have a few unvoiced lines. I encourage other players not to mash through the dialogue, as some of Genshin’s untold heroes lie in there. But if that doesn’t do it for you we’ll always have the free-to-play Kaeya and his deep v-neck. I don’t care that he’s not a strong character, he has pretty privilege so he gets to stay on the team. 

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