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Xbox to Celebrate Black Voices and Community Throughout Black History Month and Beyond

It’s Black History Month in the US, a month where we celebrate black excellence and Xbox has been quick to join in.

In a recently published blog post, Xbox has stated that they will “be celebrating Black History Month by offering captivating gaming experiences, highlighting the contributions of influential Black and African American developers and creators, while raising awareness of important causes that matter to Black communities.”

To do this, they are focusing on amplifying Black voices in their community, partnering with Black creators, as well as highlighting video games, movies, and TV collections on their store that include significant Black protagonists, developers, and more. To mention only a few, they’ve included Black Panther, Spider-Man: Into The Spiderverse, as well as games like Watch Dogs 2, The Sims 4, Apex Legends, and Afterparty.

The Xbox Game Club, a weekly experience, will also be featuring titles and games developed by Black/African American creators and featuring Black/African American characters and voice actors. These will be used as talking points for gamers to discuss the games chosen, as well as the importance of representation in gaming.

Xbox Ambassadors, figures who are important to Xbox and Microsoft’s vision, will also be key in this important month. In the blog post, Xbox explained that they asked Black and African American ambassadors to share stories of how positive representation has impacted them, as well as more about their time in gaming communities.

What’s more, Xbox is set to dedicate their streaming on Twitch this month to celebrate Black History Month. According to their blog post, this is the full schedule:

  • Week of February 1 – Black Heroes Week
    “Let’s play and watch Black heroes be the star of their own games”
  • Week of February 8 – Black Creators/Developers and their Games Week
    “Meet Black Creators & Developers and learn more about their titles”
  • Week of February 15 – Black Streamers Takeover Week
    “Meet new & familiar faces in Black gaming communities”
  • Week of February 22 – Black Streamers Takeover Week
    “Meet new & familiar faces in Black gaming communities”

You’ll be able to watch Xbox’s streams for yourself over at their Twitch account:

For more information on what Xbox has planned for the month, check it out here on their official website.

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