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Rainbow Six Siege Reveals Its First Gay Character

Rainbow Six Siege just revealed it’s very first openly gay character, and as you’d expect, it’s causing a lot of feedback from within the Rainbow Six Siege community. Though, we promise you, not all of it is bad.

The character revealed is an operator called Flores, a man from Buenos Aires. He has been labelled as a ‘master thief’ whose skill comes from stealing from crime lords in BA and Los Angeles. Considering the new event is called the Crimson Heist, it looks like you’re going to want him on your team.

As we mentioned, he is also gay – a fact that’s revealed in Flores’ character bio that was posted on Ubisoft’s official website. The bio reveals that Flores cares a lot about people, but his husband and his marriage is “is on another level.” Even when his wedding ring is off his finger, he carries it with him everywhere. We loved a dedicated man!

The reveal of Flores has unsurprisingly divided the Rainbow Six Siege community, but most seem to be happy that gay representation is being added in their favourite FPS game. Of course, you’ll always have someone upset over this sort of thing, but for the most part people seem to have already accepted Flores as another key player to add to their team.

We’ve talked about before how much this representation can mean in the scheme of things – just look at how many LGBTQIA characters Apex Legends has for example, and what that ultimately means about their characters. However, while it can feel like an addition to appease rather than anything meaningful to some queer players out there, it does at least grant players the opportunity to play someone that’s like them.

More information about Flores and the Crimson Heist will be revealed on the 21st of February.

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