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Kiss Some Very Thicc Monsters Boys in Very Scary Gays

Every twink has had their day when it comes to video games. While queer representation is always in need of improvement, the representation that we do get sometimes only stands for thin, white, gay men and little else. In Very Scary Gays, however, twinks are nowhere to be seen…

And according to the developer Goose&Quail, that was very much intentional. “The idea for Very Scary Gays manifested as we griped one night about how little variety exists in LGBTQ dating games,” Goose&Quail said, via their Kickstarter page. “Queer men are woefully hard to find; when they do make an appearance, they are almost always portrayed as generic high school anime twinks with the same body type as every other generic high school anime twink. As trans people who desperately crave big man muscles, this was a concerning drought to [us].”

The answer to the drought was Very Scary Gays, a visual novel where you’ve just got yourself a brand new college degree. How are you going to spend your time? Well, studying is definitely viable, but why not make some connections with the hot, thicc monster men that you’ve come across?

There are six love interests for you to choose from, with each one having their own backstory, and romance path. Whether you’re interested in cyborgs, giants, or even a ghost, you’ll have someone to smooch up to if you play your cards right. There’s even the chance of a bit more than smooching too… But only if you want to, as any NSFW scenes can be switched off if it doesn’t suit your playstyle.

Players will also be able to pick their pronouns, and have a variety of choices that actually do matter – and not just change one little thing about the story.

If you’re interested in finding out more you can play Very Scary Gays for yourself over on

EDIT: Very Scary Gays is now on Kickstarter and, if you’re willing to support the developers on this journey to being funded, then head on over to check it out!

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