Saturday, April 13, 2024

Gayming Magazine Reveals New Queer Love and Relationship Advice Column: Find Your Player 2

Being queer can be difficult enough in a world that’s largely cis and heterosexual, but then you bring in dating and relationships and… Well, what the hell do you do with that? Thankfully, that’s where our new queer love and relationship advice column ‘Find Your Player 2’ comes in.

Maybe you’re a gamer who wants to get their second half into gaming and needs some advice on games, or if you’re feeling unsure about who you are and, having stumbled upon Gayming Magazine, wondered what sort of advice we’d give to help you out? It doesn’t matter who you are – we’re here to help.

Leading this column is the very talented Ruth Cassidy, a freelance writer who has debuted in publications such as Fanbyte, Into the Spine and now, Gayming Magazine! They’re more than capable of handling and answering the questions you have in mind due to one, their superior wit, and very good taste in hats in Among Us.

Readers may be wondering, ‘hey, you’re a publication that focuses on queer gaming. Why the push into making a queer love advice column?’ And that’s very fair and valid. The answer is simple: because we saw that it was something that readers wanted. We’ve had more than a fair share of people asking us stuff about sexuality, relationships, and their connection to games. It surprised us, as we didn’t think we’d get questions like that at all, so we thought ‘why not address that?’

And this is why we started ‘Find Your Player 2’. A kooky, queer love and relationship advice column dedicated to helping you find the answers you’re looking for. Even if those questions are ‘do you think Sonic and Knuckles are gay and in love?’ Whatever the question, we’ve got the answer.

All of your questions will be anonymous, so please don’t be afraid to ask anything you want!

To send in a question for Ruth, please send an email over to!

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