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Hamster Village is the stress reliever you need this Christmas

Even without the addition of COVID-19, the holiday season is one of the most stressful times of the year. Decorating, card sending, gift buying, (socially distant) family gatherings and the reminder that tax season is on the horizon – as is snow storms. If you need a break from the end of the year madness, let me suggest NLABSOFT Co. Ltd.’s Hamster Village. It’s the stress reliever you need this Christmas!

Picture Farmville but without any effort what-so-ever. Hamster Village can’t even be considered a point-and-click game. It just simply exists. The game centers around a small island that is home to cute hamsters. You unlock different structures, such as an inn and a library, and these buildings reward you with coins that you can turn in to unlock new structures. Level up these buildings, only by clicking on them, to produce more coins.

Coins can also be used to unlock costumes and are easily earned through watching 30-second in-app advertisements. Reaching a certain level allows you to invite other hamsters to your island, who gift you with hearts. Clicking on the hamsters to receive heart tokens, which refill every few seconds, gives you certain benefits as well. In no time, you’ll have a completely self-sufficient village of little hamsters.

A recent update has added holiday items for your cute, virtual pets.

Once your village is flourishing, all you have to do is sit back, relax and enjoy. The hamsters move, eat, sleep and dig all on their own. It’s adjacent to watching a fish tank or lava lamp; as it certainly helps relieve stress and turns your overworked brain off for a few minutes. The backing track is even therapeutic in its own right. Who knew a game about stranded hamsters could be so hypnotizing?

Hamster Village is currently available on Android and iOS.

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