Thursday, April 18, 2024
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Hades finally gets cross save between Switch and PC

Hades may have come into the year fairly late, but that hasn’t stopped it from winning our hearts, taking home well-deserved awards, and making us overthink every little detail when it comes to our favourites, Megaera and Thanatos. With all that in mind, we’re excited to hear that Hades is finally going to get cross saves between the Switch and PC.

The announcement came earlier on Supergiant Games official Twitter account, and it even came with some cute new Hermes art from Art Director of Hades, Jen Zee.

For players to access their Hades cross save between Switch and PC, they’ll need to open their Nintendo Switch version of Hades, head on over to the main menu and pick cross saves, then connect using your Epic Game Store or Steam account.

There is also some quality of life improvements, such as weapon balancing and boon adjustments. But let’s be honest, nothing is more exciting than knowing that you now have the ability to access cross save between PC and Switch for Hades.

If you still haven’t played Supergiant Games’ latest game, then stop what you’re doing right now and go play it. It has romance, an excellent storyline, and LGBT+ characters that you won’t be able to stop loving.

Aimee Hart

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