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Can You Be Gay in The Sims 4?

The Sims 4 has had a number of different things taken away from it that previous games had – some of which, like the inclusion of toddlers, have been added back, but some are still missing. However, does The Sims 4 take away the option of allowing you to be gay?

The answer is, simply, no. The Sims has included same-sex relationships (with varying openness) since the very first game, and has only become better at including people – no matter who they identify as. While The Sims 4 may lack in plenty of things, it’s hard to deny that it lacks in inclusivity. In fact, only a few days ago did Maxis add 100+ hairstyles, make-up and skin-tones suited for BAME groups.

In previous Sims games, same-sex relationships wouldn’t be able to get ‘married’ and only get a civil partnership. Thankfully that changed with The Sims 2, and The Sims 4 is not any different. Players are able to get married to their partners and, unless you download mods, there are no negative outcomes or changes from other Sims because of your sexuality. While that may be ‘unrealistic’ for some, for others it’s a nice change of pace from real life.

Same-sex Sims are also able to adopt with no issue, which can be really pivotal for some players who want to still have the chance to continue their family line after they are gone. Of course, you’re also able to include whether or not your Sims can get other Sims pregnant or not, even if you don’t have the ‘correct’ equipment to do so. Though there is also an option to change whether your Sim has a vagina or penis – and it doesn’t force you into identifying as a ‘male or female’ with that option either! Wonders never cease.

You’re also allowed to create gender-fluid Sims, allowing players to share over 700 different clothing items, voices, hairs, etc, in order to create more diverse and realistic Sims. This way, no matter who you are, you’re able to create a Sim that reflects who you are.

So, does The Sims 4 let you be gay? Yes, and a whole lot more! Of course, if you’d rather enhance your Sims experience and make it gayer, then perhaps you should check out our LGBT+ modding page to find out more.

The‘Can You Be Gay’ guides are here to help you answer the most important question of all in video games. Check out the full series to look through which games you can and can’t be gay in.

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