Tuesday, May 28, 2024
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Among Us to release on the Nintendo Switch

Be careful, there’s an imposter Among Us and it seems to be coming straight for our Nintendo Switch!

That’s right, Innersloth’s sleuth hit, Among Us, a social deduction game where players rely on deceit to get away with murder, is making its way onto the Nintendo Switch. It was revealed today, alongside a number of other cool indie games, during Nintendo’s Indie World livestream.

As we said, Among Us is a game that combines a mixture of teamwork, social deduction, and deceit. Players play as cute, bean-like space people who are just trying to do their job and get the spaceship running, but are hounded every corner by a sinister imposter. The catch is this: the imposter is one of your friends!

There can be up to 12 players, and more than one imposter – so if you really want to make the game interesting, let loose two to three imposters and watch as your friends turn on one another to find out just who they can and can’t trust.

Among Us is set to come on Nintendo Switch later on today.

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