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Kate Bishop officially coming to Marvel’s Avengers 8 December

Kate Bishop was originally intended to become the seventh playable character in Square Enix’s Marvel’s Avengers in October. However, due to a series of of much-needed patches and further updates, her big debut was pushed back to an unknown date. That all changed this afternoon when the game announced that Kate is coming to the video game 8 December 2020.

Her debut will also come with its own unique story-line, brand-new levels and a boss that harnesses all the powers of the current Avengers. Her story-line will follow her search for mentor Hawkeye, who is slated to debut in the game in Q1 2021. As you may or may not know, Kate Bishop is the first woman to take up the Hawkeye name, style and abilities.

Next-gen versions of Marvel’s Avengers are pending in Q1 2021. Despite earning the title as best selling game of the month during its release, Marvel’s Avengers has lost over 90% of its online audience according to other sources. Hopefully the addition of Kate Bishop and later Hawkeye (and Black Panther) will bring new life to the dying game.

Take a look at her story, ‘Taking Aim,’ below.

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