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Best Games to Play Virtually with Family and Friends for Thanksgiving

Now more than ever should family and friends stick together, but let’s be clear: virtually. At least, for this year. Seriously folks, stay at home and be safe unless you’re living with your friends and family! So, with that in mind, why not make it as special as possible by playing games virtually with your friends and family?

Some of these games are actual video games, whilst others are parlour games that you can play on Zoom. All you’ll need is a camera, pieces of paper, and a pen at most!

Here are some of the best games that you can play – virtually – with friends and family on Thanksgiving.

Trivial Pursuit: Live!

Source: Nintendo

I’ll be honest, there’s nothing quite like a game of Trivial Pursuit, which is why, if possible, you and your friends/family should settle in for Thanksgiving with Trivial Pursuit: Live! It works as both local co-op and multiplayer, and with over four different question formats, you’ll have more than enough things to do!

20 Questions

I know what you’re thinking, 20 Questions? With my family and friends? But really, it’s one of my personal favourites to play and we’re sure your friends and family will appreciate you taking the effort to get to know them more throughout this period of strife.

All you need to do is grab a pen and paper and write the questions down, so next session you and your family can share stories together and have a good time.

Family Feud

best games virtually
Source: Nintendo

Who doesn’t love a good game of America’s hottest game shows, Family Feud? Not only can you take the challenge to your family at home, but with the Live Show feature, you can broadcast the game to play to all your friends and family so they can participate! Though don’t get too competitive, nobody wants a bad mood eating your turkey dinner!


Karaoke – the one game that everyone wants to play as soon as they have enough to drink. And what’s a better way to plan that by getting into a Zoom call with the rest of your family after a long, happy meal together? There are plenty of karaoke songs for you to choose from, most of which you can find on YouTube.

The Jackbox Games

If you haven’t heard of the Jackbox Games then whew, we’re going to introduce you to a series of party games that will make your Thanksgiving one to remember. The Jackbox Games come in different packs, with each pack having a selection of different games like Quiplash, Fakin’ It, and Murder Party. These games are particularly handy to have because all you need is a smartphone and for one person to have the game that they can share on their screen.

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