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Streamer Spotlight: Eevolicious

This week’s Streamer Spotlight isn’t just with Eevolicious. It’s with Broccoli Nancy, Sister Gaecure, Laura Croft and more. As a drag queen, Eevo streams as herself and a variety of crazy caricatures. But no matter if she’s in or out of drag, her streams are more than a little chaotic.

Yet beneath the makeup, the anime girl transformations and the unique humour, Eevo has a heart of gold and aims to continue improving her craft and raising her community in Europe and beyond.

Read on to find out more about this Portugeuse skinty legend.

When and why did you start streaming?

I started streaming about three years ago. I was already on Twitch but just as a viewer and I got a gaming computer to play Overwatch. Every time I entered a match I would start “hello everybody it’s me Beyoncé”. People would go like “OMG is it the real Beyoncé?” obviously trolling me because they would realise I’m a guy. People would add me just for the laughs and they were like “you have to stream this, it’s hilarious!”. So I created a channel called Beyoncé Plays. I bought a really cheap ass wig, a horrible palette, a red lipstick and some big pink sunglasses because I wanted to have that look of a very early 00s celebrity. It shaped the rest of my channel, it was just wigs, making people laugh and being a troll, which I think is my nature.

So this was your first drag experience?

I didn’t consider myself doing drag, I was impersonating a caricature of a celebrity that I think is a diva. When I think of Beyoncé I think straight to those early videos of her in Destiny’s Child being a massive…well she was a goddam bitch! I thought I could pull that off, being a massive diva, telling everyone to subscribe, telling everyone to buy her new album Lemon Juice. Eventually while I was streaming under Beyoncé I would attract what I would assume were the first drag fans on Twitch.

How would you describe your drag persona?

It’s interesting because I see [drag artists] talking about protection cloaks or a character to bring out the inner them. When I see Eevolicious in drag I still see myself. Maybe I’m gonna be a little bit louder but I’m still 100% myself. I’m still a troll, I’m still a diva (for the channel!), I’m still making people laugh. I still think it’s me, but looking like a goddess! That’s the difference. I like to look at myself in the mirror and see the transformation. My drag is my art.

How do you come up with your characters?

I have my regular drag and then I have my drag personas. When I was doing Beyoncé I felt like I got to a block. I wanted to grow on Twitch, I wanted a community. So I killed Beyoncé and I came out as Eevolicious. And that opened many windows to become more and more characters. People fell in love with them. I wanted that to remain in my channel. I have tonnes of fun when I’m doing the characters. After I killed Beyoncé I introduced Cynthia Suckalot. She was a French lady that was totally 18 years old, she went to Massachusetts, she married an old man, she killed him but of course it was accidental, she came back to Paris and she was a millionaire. I was doing a French accent but I had no clue, I only knew how to say “bonjour, croissant, je m’appelle, oui oui”. I would have conversations like this. That was a lot of fun. 

After Cynthia, one day I woke up and thought “I need to be a nun”. Me being me of course I have to make it stupid, make it controversial and play with sterotypes. Sister Gaecure doesn’t really offer a cure, it’s just her name. It’s catchy and it’s stupid and it’s fun. When people are in my stream and ask “Sister Gaecure what is your mission in life?”, she’ll go “my mission in life is to bring light into peoples’ lives and remind them that life is not just what they see, it’s a lot more. Please subscribe and you will see the rest of the light. There will be light penetrating in all your cavities!” She doesn’t have a reason, she just wants to be rich! 

How rich is Sister Gaecure?

Oh you’ll have to ask her. Too rich for her own sake! She has a relationship with Mr Twitch and I think very soon she’ll swap Mr Twitch for Mr Besos.

What games do you prefer to stream? 

Oh I wanna keep my gay ID so I stream a lot of Dead by Daylight! I’m joking, I really do love DbD. I’m a very versatile streamer, sometimes I like just chilling, sometimes I like to interact with the community, sometimes I like a mix of both. I just love DbD. I like to kill people and hook people and help them and heal them, I’m kind of a psychopath! Other than that I like horror games because I like the adrenaline. I don’t deal well with horror games, I scream, I feel horrible! 

I know you’re a pro Dead by Daylight player, do you have any tips from Broccoli Nancy?

OMG how dare you! If you wanna play DbD properly, tune into my channel, I’m always happy to show you how to die in 500 different ways!! If you want some tips from Broccoli Nancy…first of all, finding Steve would be a very good incentive because Steve apparently got lost in the fog while he was cruising. Broccoli Nancy has no idea what cruising means but it’s something that Steve is definitely doing. Broccoli Nancy is a little bit lost in the fog looking for him. A tip: hide in lockers and hope for the best! If you have a nice wig it might help you. People call that wig homophobic, can you believe? It’s fashion!

How is Laura Croft the Millionnaire doing? 

She doesn’t really reply to any emails, she has her butlaaah to reply for her. Her butlaaah might be frozen and dead in the fridge. I’m sure her pointy tits guided her to a better place right now, she’s probably just on a paradise island snatching some tombs, being rich and meeting interesting men. And sharing the word of the Britlands.

Will she be back?

I’ve never finished the series. I did one, two and three and let me tell you it was an experience! I think I’m going to jump to the most recent ones. I want to dive into a more serious Tomb Raider but make it stupid. 

Which Laura will do very well.

Of course ma dahhling!

Your stream has an anime magical girl aesthetic, where does that come from? 

100% Sailor Moon. Growing up I’ve always been drawn to anime. Sailor Moon was my absolute favourite one, they were very skinty, they were all transforming and all had different powers. I felt like that was magical. I would watch Dragon Ball Z and Sailor Moon, and they’re almost opposites because Dragon Ball was what you consider a boy cartoon and Sailor Moon was the girl cartoon, all about being cute and feminine destroying evil with their magical powers. I was like “I wanna be that! I wanna be magical and graceful while I transform!” 

I love the subscribe dance you do! It brings so much joy.

People tell me they always dance with me when I’m dancing and this song brings me so much joy. Sometimes people offer ten gift subs in a row and I’m here dancing for ten minutes! I come from a very humble country with a very humble minimum wage and a humble family. When people actually choose to support me or my channel, I’m like “wow those people work for that money and they’re deciding to spend it on me”. I’m so grateful I want to make sure everybody feels appreciated. So I think the sub dance is very important for me to provide to the person that decided to do that.

How do you see your stream evolving in the future?

I think this is a process, my drag is always improving. Some pictures I looked at back then and thought “damn this is exactly what I was going for, I look stunning!” and now I look at them like “oh girl, if only you knew!”. So improving my drag is definitely one of my priorities. I want to provide more content, do more cosplays, more drag cosplays because I really love to do those. I hope to become a Twitch partner and a reference in Europe for other streamers. I hope people see me as a person they can relate to when they want to become a streamer. I’m totally open and I really love to help people. 

What’s the best thing about being a streamer?

I have a natural passion for entertainment, creating content and creating art. Twitch is the perfect platform for me because I’m in front of a camera and I do whatever I want. It’s my channel, it’s my rules. I think it’s a great place to showcase whatever you have to offer, as an artist as a content creator. It sets you free. 

Other than that: the community, the people that you meet. The LGBTQIA2+ community on Twitch is beyond fantastic. I’ve always felt like I didn’t belong anywhere, a bit lost without guidance. When I started streaming it was probably the best decision I’ve ever taken in my life, it opened up a whole new world of possibilities. I’m very proud of myself for streaming for so long and the impact that I have on other people. I didn’t know my mission as a streamer, I just wanted to make people laugh. Being in front of a camera, doing drag and representing the person that I am, that is very empowering and inspiring to people out there. And that’s the moment I understood my real mission on Twitch. I’m not here just to make people laugh, just to get some revenue, I’m here to inspire people to become themselves. 

What’s your game of the year so far?

Omg I knew you were going to ask me that and I have no idea! Tomb Raider?! I feel like I’ve been playing Tomb Raider since 2017! Those games drag on for so long. Honestly, the one that really impacted my year in all the good ways was Tomb Raider. I hadn’t played it in like 20 years and it was definitely a great way to connect with younger me, it was one of the first Sega Saturn games I played and I just remember brief images from when I was a child. So yes, you can write down Tomb Raider please!

And without that we wouldn’t have Laura Croft!

Exactly! As soon as I put the triangle titties on my body I was like “wow!” and Laura Croft The Millionnaire was born!

To find out more about Eevolicious, catch her streaming on her Twitch channel.

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