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Fall in Love With Love Potion – A Love Story Between A Witch and a Princess

A witch and princess fall in love… That’s the simple, but enlightening premise of Love Potion, a fully illustrated novel that follows the love story between Blair, the witch, and the pretty princess that she finds herself falling for. Only, things seem to take a turn when the princess comes knocking, asking for a love potion…

Created by author Cindy Paul, Love Potion is set to be published by Ever After Print. Ever After Print is an inclusive publisher that puts LGBT+ characters first without reducing them to just their sexuality. These characters may be queer, but they are also struggling with stuff outside of that. Even more importantly, they have lives outside of being queer. They could be kings, queens, princesses, witches… Anything really, if you have the imagination for it.

So what about Love Potion is so special? Love Potion is a fully illustrated novel, with over 95 pages, and over 50 pieces of unique illustrations inside with beautiful art from a range of different artists. The book itself is magnificent to look at. Just check it out, below:

Source: Ever After Print

It’s also on Kickstarter right now, and has a number of tiers that’ll have you foaming at the mouth. After all, there are so many options out there and some include intricate items like enamel pins, and prints. What’s not to love?

Ever After Print doesn’t just stop there. They’ve published a collection of other stories, short and long. You’ve got a selection of short stories, involving a demisexual nerd, theatre gays, and a love story between two very different ladies. If you’re looking for something new and exciting to read, Ever After Print has your back.

To support Ever After Print, as well as their new book, Love Potion, head on over to the official website and Kickstarter page.

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