Friday, March 1, 2024
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Become the queer popstar of your dreams with the physical release of Sayonara Wild Hearts!

Boogie your way down the asphalt with the dreamy physical edition of Sayonara Wild Hearts, a pop album disguised as a video game, now available worldwide.

Sayonara Wild Hearts combines the perfect, synthetic beat of a pop album with the fast-paced, action gameplay of motorcycle racing and dance. It’s an evocation video game, with our own Ed Nightingale having nothing but positive things to say about it and its queer love story.

Sayonara Wild Hearts received positive feedback from critics and gamers alike, so it’s no real surprise that a physical release of the game would finally be making its way worldwide. The game did get a previous physical release before, but unfortunately, it was only for gamers in North America.

Physical edition of Sayonara Wild Hearts on the Nintendo Switch

The game originally released in September 2019 on Apple Arcade, PS4, and Nintendo Switch, before making its way to Steam in December of the same year and Xbox One in February this year. It’s earned various accolades too, including the BAFTA Games Award for Artistic Achievement and Apple Design Award.

These brand new editions of Sayonara Wild Hearts are now available on the PS4 and Nintendo Switch from all major retailers. The Switch version is priced at £34.99, whereas the PS4 is being sold for £29.99.

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