Sunday, June 16, 2024

The Gayming Podcast Episode 23 – CONSOLE WARS!

A new episode of the Gayming Podcast has arrived, and it’s a big one! It’s console wars!

Robin and Shay go over everything they know about the upcoming PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X & S. They pull apart all the technical info, the exclusive game offerings, streaming potentials, and price plans to decide once and for all which console wins the war! 

Xbox is first up and they discuss the big reveal (that was regrettably forced upon them) that not one but TWO consoles are being released, with the Series X and the Series S being released this October… not to be confused with the One X and the One S… why can’t Xbox label things properly?

They talk about games on offer, the amazing Xbox Game Pass offering and the new finance package Xbox All Access which offers an awesome way of getting into the Xbox architecture for around £20 per month!

As Shay said, this stands to make great inroads for families or people who are on low income as it offers a great price point and accessible monthly payments.

Xbox Game Pass is also available on PC and Android, so the Xbox environment is rapidly growing beyond that of just a console.

Next up, it’s PlayStation with their PlayStation 5 physical and digital offerings. Once Robin got the jokes about how MASSIVE it is out the way, they talk about its performance and how their recent presentation was very slick.

The exclusive games are more impressive, but are they really that exclusive? A lot of them are time exclusive and also will be available on PS4 for the first year at least.

PlayStation is also offering a streaming solution with their established PlayStation Now, but it’s notoriously unreliable and some games are only available to play in weekend windows. However, in a move that is obviously designed to compete with the Xbox Game Pass, they’re making a selection of “generation defining” PS4 games available to download with PlayStation Now Collection.

When it comes to price points, Robin and Shay agree that PlayStation had their hand forced by Xbox declaring their price points a week earlier, and PlayStation matching the pricing might be leaving them a little short of what they’d hope to sell it for!

PlayStation are holding firm with just its console-based offering, but Shay thinks that this is a good stance to take as it offers the feeling of an exclusive club, rather than Xbox’s something for everyone approach.

So who wins the console wars? Well, you’ll just have to listen to the podcast and find out!

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