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The Gayming Podcast Episode 22 – Gamescom highlights, Tell Me Why, and Pixel Punkz

The Gayming Podcast Episode 22 has dropped!

In this episode of The Gayming Podcast, Robin and Leon go over their highlights of Gamescom including LEGO Star Wars: Skywalker Saga which had gameplay reveal but delay announcement too.

Dragon Age 4 which sent all the gays around the world wild!

Sims 4 Journey to Batuu the Star Wars expansion that no one asked for but does look like A LOT of fun.

Genshin Impact with a beautiful trailer and hopes of a good game.

Fall Guys Season 2 with its medieval theme which led us to start talking about other potential themes… drag theme please Mediatonic!

Dogs are introduced to Sea of Thieves.

KeyWe is an adorable game of two birds who run a post office. It’s a crazy fun physics game that looks a lot of fun.

Unknown 9 Awakening looks promising.

And, what year is it?! Werewolf: The Apocalypse Earthblood is revealed.

They then move on to talk about Tell Me Why, the game that is making history with its trans male protagonist. Leon talks about why he had initial concerns but how they were soon put to bed during his preview play through which showed that the character is a fully rounded person who he was able to bond with as a fellow trans gay man.

You can read all of Leon’s thoughts on Tell Me Why in his awesome review right here.

Later in the show, Robin is joined by this episode’s guest Martin Lathbury, aka PixelPunkz, to talk about pixel art. They talk about how Martin fell in love with art form, why it seems to be having a renaissance recently and also what his proudest moment has been to date.

They go on to talk about the new Gayming Magazine social header image “Let’s Go Gayming” which he produced for us and how it captures the very spirit of gayming and gaymers of all backgrounds.

Finally, they reveal that there will be a limited edition signed print run of 25 A2 posters featuring the “Let’s Go Gayming” design in aid of Safe In Our World, the video game mental health charity. These posters are £25 and £15 of that will be donated to Safe In Our World to continue their amazing work raising mental health awareness in the video game world.

Fill out the form below if you’re interested and we’ll be in touch to confirm your order.

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