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Fall Guys plans to shake things up with Big Yeetus

Big Yeetus is not something I thought I’d be typing when I woke up this morning, but as to be expected, Fall Guys loves to keep its players on their toes.

There are a lot of amazing things being added in Season 2 of Mediatonic’s well-loved battle royale. You’ve got a more medieval look, different gameplay variants, and now, according to the Fall Guys official Twitter account, you’ve got the arrival of Big Yeetus.

Big Yeetus is a hammer that spins in circles – which is as chaotic as it sounds. These hammers have appeared in other levels, such as Jinx and Tail Tag, in order to keep things interesting. However, it has yet to appear in things like Fruit Chute or Block Party. Just imagining the chaos that could cause…My god.

As TheGamer so rightly pointed out, it looks like that Big Yeetus won’t be the only change as we go on into Season 2 this October. Instead of gigantic balls smacking you in the face in this Dizzy Heights match, there are watermelons instead. Different gameplay variants is one way to keep us guessing, that’s for sure!

Are you looking forward to Fall Guys Season 2? Relive the hype in the sneak peek trailer!

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