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New Tell Me Why interviews explore representation, gameplay and Tlingit culture

Tell Me Why’s first chapter is coming out tomorrow, with twins Alyson and Tyler taking us on a brand new adventure from DontNod. To whet our appetite for Tell Me Why, a much-anticipated release, Xbox have released three brand new interviews on YouTube.

These interviews explore a range of different subjects, such as gameplay, how they chose the location of Tell Me Why, representation, and Tlingit culture. Previous DontNod games, such as Life is Strange, have been extremely lax when it comes to exploring indigenous cultures, so eyes were certainly on the DontNod team on how they’d handle the Tlingit community in Alaska.

Other interviews in the playlist show just how representation is being approached by DontNod, and not just in-game, but in the workplace as well. As we learned from our own interview with DontNod, the studio is aware of how important representation of other identities outside of your typical straight, white male, is.

You’re able to watch all three of these Tell Me Why interviews over on YouTube. We heartily recommend you do so, especially if you’re interested in DontNod as a studio, as well as what you can expect from their latest game.

Tell Me Why will release it’s first chapter tomorrow, the 27th of August, on PC and Xbox One.

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