Tuesday, May 21, 2024

How many video game characters are freeballing?

Yes, this was the question I asked myself this morning while drinking my cup of coffee. How many video game characters are freeballing?

If you’re in a part of the world that uses another term, freeballing – often referred to as going commando – is when a man doesn’t wear any underwear and lets it all hang lose. It’s a trend that is becoming increasingly popular in America, and really, thank the heavens for that.

The reason I pondered this question this morning is due to the style choices and avatar properties of the male figure in video games. Clothes are designed so accurately and tightly that we never get a glimpse of the waistline, even when a character crouches or bends down. Screw boxers or briefs, how do we know if our favorite video game personalities are wearing anything at all?!

Unfortunately, it’s less of a mystery in regards to female characters, as the video game industry is still predominately directed at dudes. That means it’s sexier to see a woman’s underwear in games, and thus, many of our favorite personalities of the opposite sex get to show off what they’re wearing under their jeans. Where is the equality?!

Unless you get the option to do hard customization of your avatar, we may never know if our guys – or girls – are wearing underwear or nothing at all. If developers continue the trends of the current generation when designing characters, freeballing should definitely be an option worked into certain settings.

Now I got you thinking, didn’t I?

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