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Dragon Age 4 concept art may show returning characters

Gamescom 2020’s opening night brought a huge amount of new information and game reveals. One of said ‘game reveals’ was a look behind the development of the much-anticipated game, Dragon Age 4. Concept art, in-game screenshots, and animation of both the player character and creatures were also shown. But what really caught our eye was the concept art of what, we can only speculate, to be some of the returning characters in Dragon Age 4.

As a huge Dragon Age fan, I’ve speculated on who may be returning in the next game more than a few times. There is Dorian Pavus, of course, who returned to Tevinter at the end of the DLC, Trespasser. As you can see above, maybe my speculation wasn’t too far off the mark.

But it wasn’t just Dorian who seemingly appeared in the behind the scenes video. Solas also made an appearance, with Gareth David-Lloyd showing off his voice acting chops in a quick tease of what appears to be the Dread Wolf talking to the new protagonist of Dragon Age 4.

Source: YouTube

With Solas and Dorian – who has not been confirmed, by the way – a closer look at the concept art shown also reveals other characters. And some look very familiar.

In the underwater art, there are three other characters alongside what is assumed to be Dorian. The first looks to be a new, elven companion. The second is a dwarf woman, who some fans have speculated to be Scout Harding and another woman, human, who shares a striking resemblance with the love of my life and fictional girlfriend, Isabela. Isabela first appeared in the first game, Dragon Age: Origins, but became a main character in Dragon Age 2. She appeared in Dragon Age: Inquisition’s multiplayer, and has starred in several comics. To say she’s a popular character is an understatement.

One of the main reasons that the woman included could be Isabela, outside of her general likeness of course, is that, unlike the other Dragon Age 2 companions, she’s unable to be killed. While this is just pure speculation, this could very well mean that Isabela will be returning in some way too. Let’s hope so!

If you could have any returning characters in Dragon Age 4, who would it be? Let us know in the comments below.

Aimee Hart

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