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Could these new images at EA Play belong to Dragon Age 4?

The amount of hope from fans hoping that they’d get a chance to see Dragon Age 4 at EA Play was so overwhelming that I refused to watch EA’s event in case of disappointment. That didn’t stop Dragon Age fans, however, oh no, and let’s just say that their patience was…Somewhat rewarded.

While we saw a lot of new gameplay trailers, such as the new Madden and FIFA for next-gen consoles, BioWare didn’t have much to say outside of showing a few things they were working on. Some things that looked, well, awfully familiar…

  • Dragon Age 4 EA
  • Dragon Age 4 EA
  • Dragon Age 4 EA

The tree may be a reach for some folks, but what looks to be a chapel, as well as some ancient ruins, seem to be absolutely covered with red lyrium. Dragon Age fans will know that unlike it’s more blueish form, red lyrium is more potent and that it is, in fact, lyrium infected by the Blight.

Red lyrium began to spread on the surface in Dragon Age: Inquisition, and was first introduced back in Dragon Age 2. What this could mean about the plot of Dragon Age 4 remains to be seen.

I know I speak for more than a few fans when I say that I’m excited to see what Dragon Age 4 has in store for us. Maybe a cheeky Dorian cameo? Come on BioWare, you know you want to.

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