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The Gayming Podcast Episode 18 – Historical representation, queer AAA games and Charlie Martin


The Gayming Podcast Episode 18 has dropped!

In this episode, Robin and Shay talk about how historical games should and should not represent the struggles of marginalised communities, particularly using suffering as an historically accurate portrayal. They also go on to talk about the lessons AAA companies can use from the huge success of The Last of Us 2, particularly around the inclusion of LGBTQ characters and how they are proven to be popular. 

Then, Robin is joined by this episode’s special guest Charlie Martin – Charlie is a trans racing driver who has recently taken to sim racing as a result of the Coronavirus. They talk about how esports has enabled a generation of drivers to learn and develop their skills in a safe environment, and also Charlie explains about her personal journey as an out and proud trans person in the sport. 

Charlie Martin by Lutz Rühl

Charlie has fought continuously to overcome adversity throughout her life, having lost both her parents at a young age. Entering motorsport without anyone supporting is hard enough, but she also realised she identified as transgender from as young as 7, transitioning to live as female midway through her career in 2012.

She recorded her entire transition on her YouTube channel, helping to inspire 1,000’s of people all over the World to begin their own journey.

Follow Charlie on Twitter and Instagram, and to find out more, visit her website

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