Friday, March 1, 2024
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Tell Me Why devs release FAQ to answer concerns about Tyler’s representation

Tell Me Why is officially releasing it’s very first chapter on August 27th, meaning that we’ll have more than enough time to emotionally prepare ourselves for what developers, Dontnod Entertainment, have in store for us. With that in mind, Tell Me Why has now got an official FAQ that’ll answer some questions about certain aspects of the game.

A FAQ in a video game usually has something to do with the gameplay, but for Tell Me Why, this new FAQ seems to be centered a lot around the character of Tyler Ronan. Tyler is a trans man, which has caused some level of concern in how he will be represented. After all, the cis gaze on trans issues may just end up creating a game that some worried players have labelled as ‘trauma porn’.

According to our own interview with DontNod, as well as this new FAQ from the Tell Me Why website, it does seem as though Tyler and his story is being treated with care. The FAQ goes on to explain that these answers will have spoilers, but they are necessary in order to help players feel comfortable. I, personally, cannot think of any other developers outside of the indie scene that have acknowledged the use of ‘trigger warnings.’

DontNod adding this FAQ is, of course, also a strategic move in terms of marketing. It was only a couple of days ago that SWERY swore to have addressed the transphobia in Deadly Premonition 2, only to remove one line of dialogue and nothing else. For DontNod to address these sort of concerns – such as whether Tyler will be deadnamed or misgendered – couldn’t have come at a better time.

To look at the FAQ yourself, head on over to Tell Me Why’s official website. Though remember, there are spoilers.

Aimee Hart

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